College and University Acceptances and Offers in 2018

MBIS students submit final applications to a maximum of 10 Institutions. On average students submitted 4 applications for admission in 2018. The MBIS class of 2018 was made up of 29 graduates who earned the highest IB results ever at MBIS. Three students earned IB Course Certificates, 26 students earned the Full IB Diploma. Six students earned the prestigious Bi-lingual IB Diploma through the addition of Literature courses in French, German, Italian, and Korean. The highest IB points earned were 43 and three students earned over 40 points. The average IB points earned by IB Diploma earners was 34 and well above the IB World Average of 30. The average IB grade was 5.35 in comparison to the IB World Average of 4.8. Two of the 29 graduates have chosen to take a gap year before pursuing further studies. The asterisked (*) schools and programs given below show where students have enrolled and the (+) indicates significant merit-based scholarships up to a “full-ride” worth over a quarter million US Dollars for one graduate. Please also notice the wonderful breadth of academic programs into which our students have applied and been accepted.

Australia (6 offers, 4 applicants, 5 institutions, *1 enrolled mid-year)
Australian National University Political Science
Monash University International Business
University of Melbourne (x2) Media and Communications
  Politics and International Studies
University of New South Wales* Art and Design*
University of Queensland Graphic Design
Canada (10 acceptances, 5 applicants, 5 institutions, *2 enrolled)
Carleton University International Business
University of British Columbia (x5)*+ Bachelor of Science
  Media Studies
University of Calgary (x2) Biology
University of Ottawa* Biology*
University of Toronto Social Science and Humanities
France (1 acceptance, 1 applicant, 1 institution, *1 enrolled)
IESEG School of Management* International Business & Management (BSc+MSc)*
Germany (2 acceptances, 2 applicants, 2 institutions, *2 enrolled)
Jacob’s University* Liberal Arts: Global Economics and Management*
Volkswagen Group* Technical Apprenticeship*
Hong Kong (1 acceptance, 1 applicant, 1 institution, 0 enrolled)
Chinese University of Hong Kong Communication
India (2 acceptances, 2 applicants, *2 enrolled)

Fergusson College*

Flame University*



Mathematics and Physics*

Liberal Arts: Business Administration*

Italy (2 acceptances, 2 applicants, 2 institutions, 0 enrolled)
Bocconi University Economics
John Cabot University+ Liberal Arts: Psychology+
Korea, Republic of (1 in progress)


Netherlands (16 acceptances, 11 applicants, 8 institutions, *8 enrolled)
Erasmus University (x4)* Economics
  International Business Administration*
  Liberal Arts and Sciences
Hanze University of Applied Sciences* Physical Therapy*
  Creative Business Administration*
Leiden University (x2)* International Psychology
  International Studies*
Saxion University Physical Therapy
Tillburg University Business and Economics
University of Amsterdam (x6)* Business and Economics*
  Media and Information*
  Political Science (2)*
University of Groningen Life Science and Technology
New Zealand (3 offers, 3 applicants, 1 institution, enrolled)
University of Auckland (x3) Biological Sciences
  BA & BFA Media, Film and TV
Spain (1 acceptance, 1 applicant, 1 institution, *1 enrolled)
IE University * Data Science*
Switzerland (1 acceptance, 1 applicant, 1 institution, *1 enrolled)
Le Roches International School of Hotel Management* Business Administration in Global Hospitality Management*
United Kingdom (27 offers, 8 applicants, 21 institutions, *3 enrolled)
Coventry University Sports Management
Kings College University of London (x2) English
Lancaster University (x2) Criminology
Loughborough University (x2)*+ Economics
  Sport Management*+
Nottingham Trent University Sport Science and Management
Royal Holloway University of London Psychology
Queen Mary University London* Economics*
SOAS University of London Economics
University of Bath (x2) Economics
University of Birmingham Social Policy and Criminology
University College Birmingham* Culinary Arts Management*
University College London Medical Sciences and Engineering
University of Glasgow Biomedical Engineering
University of Leeds Criminal Justice and Criminology
University of Edinburgh (x2) Psychology
  Sport and Recreation Management
University of Exeter (x2) Business Economics
  Politics and International Relations
University of Kent Sport Management
University of Sheffield Biomaterials Science and Engineering
University of Strathclyde Biomedical Engineering
University of Sussex Criminology
University of York Criminology
United States (25 acceptances, 10 applicants, 20 Institutions, *6 enrolled)
California College of the Arts, San Francisco* Bachelor of Fine Arts Interior Design*
Columbia College of Columbia University* Liberal Arts: Artificial Intelligence*
Centre College*+ Liberals Arts: Chemistry/Molecular Biology/Physics*+
Emory University (x2) Data Science and Mathematics
Georgia Institute of Technology Computer Science
Indiana University, Bloomington* Art Education *
Juniata College (x2)+ Liberal Arts: Biochemistry/Chemistry/Physics+
  Liberal Arts: Biology +
Lynn University+ Liberal Arts: Sports Management+
New York University Biomedical Sciences
Occidental College Liberal Arts: Economics
Purdue University Computer Science
Rochester Institute of Technology Fine Arts
Rutgers University*+ Computer Science/Mathematics*+
Savannah College of Art and Design (x2) Fine Arts
  Fine Arts and Design
School of the Arts Institute Chicago Fine Arts
School of Visual Arts New York Fine Arts
University of California San Diego Mathematics
University of Iowa + Computer Science/Mathematics+
University of Rochester Data Science
University of Southern California (x3)* Economics
  Political Economy/Data Science
  Science and Mathematics*