Designing a Health Plan 

P2 Learners take on the role of Health Advisors for their peers from P1. 

When we inquire into a unit, we combine the Approaches to Learning with the Learner Profile Attributes to showcase our knowledge and understanding in a comprehensive manner. For our recent inquiry into health and wellness, our recipe for success was quite simple! 

Strong Understanding about Healthy Living  

+ Balanced and Reflective Learners  

+ Communication Skills 

 = Health Plan for our Peers  

Building a Health Plan isn’t an easy feat, but we are always in search of a new challenge. Our main aim was to design a balanced lifestyle cheat sheet for our peers from P1, which would outline the important steps they can take to enhance their overall health and wellbeing.  

The learning intention was twofold, apply our persuasive communication techniques to create a visual and combine the most important strategies for healthy living. 

We listed tips linked to their daily diet, water intake, sleep schedule, personal hygiene and physical activity too. The mindfulness tips we included in the health plan were all strategies that personally work for us. While building this overview of wellbeing tips, we made sure that we add relevant visuals and illustrations which would help the P1 learners comprehend our tips with ease. 

To wrap up our health plan, we also integrated our knowledge of ‘Growth Mindset’. Our mini posters included simple yet motivating messages for the readers, encouraging them to adopt a more open-minded approach. “Don’t Give Up!”, “It’s OK to make mistakes”, “Just Breathe” and “Say to yourself that you CAN DO IT!” were some of the slogans we included in the posters, designing them for helping P1 learners take care of their own mental health. 

We have now handed over our health plans to the P1 Classroom and we hope we are able to increase awareness regarding wellbeing and also inspire them to lead a balanced lifestyle! 

Authored by and illustrations by the P2 learning community.