Exploring Pune’s Landscapes and Heritage 

P2 learners embark on a journey to dive deeper into the unit. From a scenic bus ride to outdoor activities and museum artefacts, our field trip had it all! 

‘Journeys enhance our learning and experiences’, our central idea itself hinted towards engaging in a journey to strengthen our understanding of the unit. Our excitement was visible as we made our way to the school bus waiting to help us experience a journey, reach a scenic destination and explore a part of Pune that is full of nature, art and culture. 

Reaching Zapurza took an hour, but we weren’t complaining, because we had the company of our friends, tree-laden lanes of the outskirts of Pune, and most importantly, a 270°-degree view of Khadakwasla Dam – Pune’s lifeline! 

On reaching the site, the Adventure Mantra’s team directed us to the lawn area which had a view of the dam and open space for us to run around and play for a while. The team already had created some collaborative games for us, and we were equally keen on trying them out. Combining our social, communication and creative thinking skills, we played in teams, encouraging our peers and enjoying some friendly competition. After a quick, refreshing juice break, we were energized for the next experience, museum exploration! 

Through Zapurza’s galleries, we were transported to various art and cultural settings of Pune, Maharashtra. Paintings, photographs, sculpted miniature statues, old wooden chests, ancient scrolls and writing materials, fabric weaving, metal lamps, precious jewellery, etc – our eyes blinked in awe as we observed each artefact on display. Our trusty clipboards helped us note down keywords linked to our observations and the brief descriptions offered to us by the Adventure Mantra team, Mr Monish and Mr Pushkaraj. Each gallery we entered helped us travel back in time to appreciate how our journeys can be both physical movement and reflections that take place in our mind, transforming our observations into learning. When was the last time you embarked on a journey by simply sitting back and enjoying the views around you? 

The outdoor activities and indoor exploration walks were quite tiring, and we were more than eager to sit down and have our lunch on a large community table. The sighs of relief when we sat down on the cafeteria chairs made us realize that it had been a very eventful day for us – we had experienced the site with our metacognition, our agile steps and most importantly, our open-minded vision! 

Before we knew it, our teachers and Team Adventure Mantra informed us that it was time to head back to school. Although we wished to wait for longer, we were also keen on taking a relaxing ride back to school.  

Our journey to Zapurza was brimming with experiential learning, something we P2 Learners are always ready to experience, explore and take a journey for! Where would you like to take your next journey to, for the purpose of enhancing your experiences and learning? 

Co-written by the P2 community 

Photos by the P2 teaching team