Digestive System

digestive-systemShe began by asking students to eat a piece of fruit and to focus on what happens to it once it is inside their mouth. She drew their attention to how the different teeth inside,  together with the saliva and tongue  make up the first step of the Digestive System.

Moving on, she used a tube of toothpaste to demonstrate how the food travels through the esophagus, slowly and rhythmically, to make its way into the stomach. Student were very curious to find out how the stomach holds gastric juices that melts the food and  then the food passes to the small intestine which is approximately 22 feet long!

They were amazed to know how this is neatly folded in our bodies and does an important job of absorbing the carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other nutrients, which are then used by the different parts of the body. Lastly the students learned the role of the large intestine which absorbs the water and pushes out the leftover waste from the anus.

To assess the students understanding of this system, Ms Lakshmi invited our learners to stand in a line and became the Digestive System. Students formed small groups to represent the different parts that make up this system, while a few  students  chose to be a food item and worked their way through our impetration of the digestive system. Using their knowledge of each of the organs’ function, to mimic its action, until the piece of food finally exited the system. What a fun and enjoyable learning experience Ms Lakshmi gave the students! This informative session enabled the students to make and explain the working of the digestive system in their own words.