Digital Communication Technology

My name is Jiwoo and I’m a P5 student. I’m interested in technology and my exhibition inquiry is digital communication technology.

I chose my inquiry because I was interested in technology from the past and I was also interested in how the internet works.

My central idea was: Communication technology impacts social interaction

My lines of Inquiry were:

Communication technology and how it changed over time

How communication technology connects people

How people use communication technology responsibly

My transdisciplinary theme was: How the world works

My concepts were: change, connection, responsibility

My related concepts were History, communication, network

My approaches to learning were: Thinking skills, Research skills and Self-management skills

My UN Goals was number 9 – Industries, innovation and infrastructure

During my research I found out  how communication technology works and how it’s important. I also learned about the difference between primary source and secondary source.

I used primary resources

  • Interview

I used secondary resources

  • Website
  •  Book

Digital communication technology is a system to communicate online.

In the past, humans used other ways to communicate like smoke signal, telegraph, pony express, telephone, semaphore flag and homing pigeon.

Here are some of the resources I created to help spread awareness about my inquiry

Inquiry that leads to action!

My personal action will be: To spread awareness of using the internet responsibly.

I ask you to take action by: Reflecting on what you did online and use the internet responsibly.


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