PYP to ResQ


To inquire into the ongoing unit of ‘How we organise ourselves’, PYP 3 went on a field trip to a local animal charitable organisation, ResQ. Spread across a hillock, towards the outskirts of Pune, ResQ boasts of a large area dedicated to our four-legged friends.

With the noble endeavour of helping and rehabilitating animals, this organisation is run by like-minded volunteers who strive to make a difference.

The representatives of the organisation stress on their motto “reducing human and animal conflict”, and they are surely doing a brilliant job!

Learners were welcomed into this centre with a combination of animal sounds and they were directed towards a humble shelter for a quick briefing. Our host, Jessica, interacted with the students, offering them a clear

idea about the objectives of the organisation and measures that can be taken to live harmoniously with animals. She explained how ResQ was established, how this organisation works, how they strive to acquire sufficient funds, and ways in which ResQ employees work hard everyday to help animals across the city. This interaction supported the learners in comprehending how this establishment and the working of an organisation is driven by a purpose.

Furthermore, learners observed how the reception area was abuzz with visitors bringing in their pets for a quick check up, members from other NGOs coming in to collaborate with ResQ, and the ResQ team ready with an ambulance for any distress calls. The interconnectedness within and beyond the organisation came to light when the class saw how ResQ volunteers were multitasking, fulfilling their responsibilities and using effective communication to collaborate with their colleagues and approach members of other NGOs.

The tour around ResQ Headquarters was an enriching experience, where the children were taken around the medical facility centre, followed by a tour around the enclosures for dogs, cattle, donkeys, pigs, and horses. The staff were busy tending to the ‘patients’ in the isolation enclosure, pediatric unit and the large animal unit, where they offered their love, care and attention the animals. Although heart wrenching to see some animals in pain, it was reassuring that they were now in good hands. The concerned faces of the children showed their empathy for animals, and they all went over to place a gentle and comforting hand.

The ResQ team highlighted the importance of their mobile application, that gives them an opportunity to record and store the data related to each animal that is brought in for treatment. ResQ is fulfilling a benevolent mission, striving to help animals while working sustainably with the help of limited resources and funds. Growing their own food supplies and planting grass on the roofs to keep the animal enclosures cool during summer are some of their innovative ways to survive and serve. This experience facilitated student’s understanding of how organisations work towards solving issues, thus giving the students an opportunity to reflect on how every individual can take a step to make a difference! With this field visit, learners were able to visualize how organisations can solve problems with the help of interconnections and collaboration, the very essence of the unit!