Donating paintings

For my CAS project, my peers and I are working on painting and donating artworks to different schools and hospitals. I am donating 3 paintings to a school located outside of the city. This project is a great opportunity for me to improve my skills in visual art, especially since I’ve been trying to improve my art skills through various mediums. Also, according to the director of my chosen organization, they are great lovers of art.

For this project, I challenged myself by working with a medium that I have never worked with before which was acrylics. I am more used to doing digital illustrations, pen and pencil sketching and some water colour work, so this medium is completely new for me.

I started this process picking out 3 different references to draw, since the organization I was working for were not at all particular about a specific style for the paintings. They just wanted something that would make the children there happy. So, I found 3 drawing which looked simple to replicate. 

Recently, we were told by one of the teachers that there would be a couple more students joining this project for their Service from the younger grades. This meant that we would have more paintings to donate. So one of my roles in this project is to find new organizations for these students to donate paintings to. I will need to communicate with these different organizations. I shall then inform the new students about the requirements from each organization  which includes how many paintings they want, what specific theme they want, any specific size etc.

A challenge I faced in this project was managing my time with finishing the paintings. For the last 2-3 weeks, I have been stuck working on just 1 out of 3 paintings. I did expect this to happen since it was my first time working with the medium, so mistakes were bound to happen. However, this wasted time since there was one point where I had to remove the painting from the canvas and paint more over it. Basically, redoing the entire thing. However now, I feel like I have become much more comfortable with this medium, since I can now paint much quicker and makes less mistakes on the canvas and the paintings are starting to take form.

Myola DP 2