P5 – Unit 1 The Simple Machine Project

“Science is Magic that Works!” – Kurt Vonnegut 

An inquiry into ‘How the World Works’ is incomplete without an exploration into scientific principles and their application. 

P5 learners embarked on a scientific journey this week with the help of ‘The Simple Machine Project’. Spanning over a course of two days, this engagement empowered learners to choose a particular simple machine and use visible thinking routines to delve deeper into its form and function. 

Utilizing their newly acquired knowledge linked to a screw, wedge, lever, wheel & axle, pulley or inclined plane, our young scientists needed to transform their research into a 3D model. The joy of experiential learning was seen across the classroom, when each learner began listing the resources they will need. A unique blend of thinking and self-management skills was put into action, and the scientists were ready to combine everyday supplies into a simple machine. Rustling of paper, clipping of scissors, explanations of strategies and energetic shuffling of feet – the class was alive with innovation! 

From makeshift pulleys to functioning wheels, each 3D model had its distinctive features and its maker’s unique touch! 

The simple machine museum showcased a wide range of creative specimens, each highlighting the learner’s efforts, conceptual understanding and approaches to learning!