Edition 2 – Exhibition Newsletter

Group 5 – Gaming & YouTube

Central Idea: Technology can be used to inform and interact with societies and express ideas.

Line of Inquiry 1: Using gaming responsibly.

Line of Inquiry 2: Why games are like they are today.

Line of Inquiry 3: Learning through gaming.

When we chose our exhibition topic, we thought it would be very exciting because we would get to work on our passions and dreams. We realised that it was a lot of fun but was also just as difficult.

Our research contained some interviews and surveys from people inside and outside of school. We also got a lot of websites to find out more about our Lines of inquiry. Overall, our research was exhausting and at times annoying, but the research payed off in the end.

Our action was to change people’s perspectives about gaming and YouTube. We did this by making a scratch game and five YouTube videos. We loved making them and we want to continue in the future!

  • Group 5 – Gaming and YouTube – Aadi and Aadam

Group 6 – Sustainable Energy and Eco-Friendliness

As part of our exhibition, we, Filippo and Teerth, students of PYP 5, chose to inquire into Sustainable Energy and Eco-Friendliness

What Is The Exhibition? The Exhibition is when you choose a dream or a passion and think how to inform people about the topic so that you can make a difference. This is a long process which is necessary to reach out to world at our age. We made Central Ideas and Lines of Inquiry to assess ourselves throughout the process. The exhibition is the final assessment which tests how much you have learnt in the whole PYP.

Action: We thought of and created an action plan on Recycling and Reusing plastic.

Teerth made plastic pots and sold them.

Filippo made videos on WhatsApp to spread awareness about the use of plastic, segregation of garbage and reusing it for making pencil cases, pots, plates and much more .

Central Idea: Sustainable Energy Sources Can Impact The Environment

Lines of Inquiry:

LOI 1: How Energy Sources Have Been Evolving During Time

LOI 2: The relationship between Energy,Environment and Humans

LOI 3: Our responsibility towards the Environment

  • Group 6 – Energy and Sustainability – Filippo and Teerth

Group 7 – Programming

In our exhibition, we all worked towards our dreams and passions. At first, we had to make our essential elements. Our central idea was: ‘Programming can change the way the world works’.

Our lines of inquiry were:

  • How learning coding can help you
  • How coding and robotics can help mankind
  • How programming can change how robots function

We researched a lot about our lines of inquiry. We also researched about other topics we had questions about related to programming and robotics. We also interviewed people to get a better understanding of our central idea.

Our action was to inspire people to start coding. We made games with coding and robots so people could see how fun coding is and start understanding it themselves.

  • Group 7 – Programming – Ishaan and Sanghun

Group 8 – Storytelling

Transdisciplinary Theme: How We Express Ourselves

We are the Storytelling group and we mainly focused on our Essential Elements to understand out topic more.

Our Central Idea was: ‘People share ideas through creative and innovative Storytelling.’

Our Lines of Inquiry were:

  •  L.O.I 1: The Creative Process
  • L.O.I 2: The Ways of Expressing and Presenting
  • L.O.I 3: How Storytelling changes people’s point of view.

Our Action was to open up an Expression stall and we also had Storytelling sessions with PS 1,2 and 3.

  • Expression Stall: In the expression stall, we had an acting and a writing stall so people could come and express themselves through our topics.
  • Preschool Storytelling: For this action, we wrote our own stories with meaningful morals based on what the students of that age group prefer. We then presented them to the students of PS 1,2 and 3 using puppets.

They were both wonderful experiences and so was our Exhibition.

  •   Group
    8 – Storytelling – Umayra, Uma and Eunseo