Read Aloud. Change the World!

Read Aloud. Change the World!

Every year, on World Read Aloud Day, people from all over the globe read aloud together and share stories to promote the love of books and reading. Through this global literacy movement, readers of all ages celebrate literacy and “the pure joy and power of reading aloud”.  At MBIS this year we joined the initiative. The read aloud session were held from 8.10 to 8.30 in the PYP classrooms, while the preschool had a guest mystery reader at their weekly assembly.


Class Reader Book choice
PS Ms Eileen Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae
PYP1 Ms Shilpa I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child
PYP2 * Ms Monica Pumpkin Soup by Susan Cooper
PYP3 A Ms Shanti The Knight, the Princess and magic rock by Sara Azizi
PYP 3 B Ms Nidhi The Firekeeper’s Son by Linda Sue Park
PYP 4 Mr Albert The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams
PYP 5 Ms Fizza The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis


Here are some of the student’s reflections on the reading sessions:

The Velveteen Rabbit      By Priyanka   PYP4 

The Velveteen Rabbit is a book written by Margery Williams and illustrated by William Nicholson.This book was read to us on World Read Aloud Day.

The story is about a boy who gets a beautiful velveteen rabbit for Christmas.The boy soon forgets about the rabbit. The rabbit is put in the nursery.One day the rabbit gets up and talks to the skin horse because he is the only one who does not look down on him like all the tech toys.

The skin horse tells him about how wise and old  he is.He says the tech toys always get damaged first and never get a chance to be real.The rabbit asks what does it mean to be real.The skin horse explains that you become real when the boy loves you, because you are real to him.The rabbit always dreams to become real. The boy always sleeps with his plush toy dog.

One day his grandma cleans up the nursery.The boy cannot find the dog.His grandma just hands the boy the velveteen rabbit.The boy soon becomes very attached to the rabbit.The boy says the rabbit is real to him and the rabbit feels like a dream come true.

The boy gets scarlet fever and his toys are going to be thrown away.The rabbit is outside in a plastic bag and a tear runs down his cheek.To his surprise a fairy flower sprouts up from where the tear landed. A fairy comes out of the flower.She tells the rabbit that she’s there to make him real.The rabbit says that he is real because the boy said so.The fairy tells him that he was real to the boy but now he would be real to everybody else.

Something amazing happens next….. I will let you find out by reading the book and hopefully apply some of the life lessons to your own lives. I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

How I feel when an Adult reads to me- Avantika Subudhi PYP 3B

When an Adult reads to me I feel relaxed and thankful because they read amazingly and wonderfully.They use lots of expression and make me disappear and embed into the interesting book !

They also let us see the enchanted and finely illustrated drawings in the book and be chosen as the characters in the book! I love being a character in an exciting and joyful book.When they read the book it keeps me going and refreshes me for the day. I think when an Adult reads to me I should keep my ears wide open and keep listening!

Thank you for reading!

Our Fun Read Aloud Day    By Hridaan and Tia   PYP 2

On Thursday, it was read aloud day and Ms. Monica read us a book by Helen Cooper called Pumpkin Soup. Ms. Monica chose this book because the book was related to social skills and our unit. Ms. Monica also chose this book because she wanted us to show good social skills on our overnight field trip to Durshet. We liked the ending of the book where the characters resolved their conflicts and became friends again.

World Read Aloud Day – Uma Israni PYP 5

Book Title- The Breadwinner      Author- Deborah Ellis

Storyteller- Ms. Fizza


The book is about a girl called Parvana who lives in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is taken over by the Taliban. The Taliban caused a lot of damage such as closing down schools, bombing houses, starting wars etc. Parvana lives with her little brother: Ali, little sister: Maryam, older sister: Nooria and her mum. Her dad was sent to prison because he was educated in England. This story tells us how her family survives without being caught from the Talibans.

My Perspective:

I think that Parvana is very committed to what she is doing during the war and bombs. I understand that it is really hard to leave all your friends behind and watch your father go away. It’s also very hard to work every single day with barely any education and act as your opposite gender. I think our school is lucky that it is not shut down and we don’t need to work in the sunlight all day when we have shelter. We also don’t need to starve for food because our parents work hard and earn the money for our food, education, shelter, vacations etc. I can’t even imagine living in 1 room with 5-6 people when I can’t even live in a room with 2 people (my sister and I).

How I feel when I am read to –  Trisha-PYP3A   

When someone reads to me or the full class I feel very interested because I don’t read out loud very much but when the teachers do it they do it with expressions that really sets the mood.  If it’s a funny dialogue they use a witty voice,if it’s a serious dialogue they say it in a serious voice. While they are  reading it I like to look at the expression they make while reading. Also they chose books that they love and books that they know we will love and to be honest I love all the books they chose. This is why I like someone to read to me instead of me reading to myself.

Ms Devaki and Ms Helen