Elements of the PYP Exhibition that have taken place over the past week.

The PYP 5 Exhibition is in full flow and we can see students taking responsibility for their learning in many ways throughout the school day and beyond.  The exhibition is the ideal platform for student voice and agency. Here is a glimpse of what has been happening in PYP 5:

Inviting in an expert to help us with the research stage for the PYP 5 exhibition

Reflection one

On Monday, Mr.Raychaudhury came to our school to talk to us and help us learn more about space. Tiana and me asked him many questions. We felt really excited to listen to what he was saying and that was the best day for me.

I learnt that:

  • Sometimes the spaceship goes into space without an astronaut for taking photos of Earth and of all galaxies and send it to the space station on Earth.
  • The spaceships are really small, it is very difficult to live and work there. Sometimes the bones and muscles of the astronauts become weak.They also get sad, miss their family and get tensed. That’s why it’s difficult for them to live in a small spaceship
  • I learnt many more things that I will share on the exhibition day.

I liked talking to Mr.Raychaudhury. He explained to me things in a really nice and simple way.

Reflection 2

  • RayChaudhry talked about Space which is the topic we chose for our Exhibition.
  • We made questions for him to answer and we got lots of ideas.
  • He spoke about the different telescopes that he has all over the world.
  • He spoke about his job and why he choose it and why he wanted to become an astronomer.
  • Ray had a lot of exciting things to talk about and I had lot of fun listening to him

By: Lockman  and Tiana

Enhancing our understanding of what the Exhibition might be like.


On Friday the 20th April 2018, some of the PYP 5 students went to a school called MIT Gurukul to see the Exhibition of their PYP 5 students. We thought it would be nice for us to see their exhibition which would help us get some ideas for our exhibition.

We left school at 08:30 and were there for the beginning of their Exhibition opening ceremony which lasted for over 2 hours. Unfortunately, because of this, it was time to leave for MBIS before they moved onto their displays.

I really enjoyed the ceremony because they had a lot of very interesting things integrated. For example, they had a slogan and a logo which was designed by the students only for the exhibition. For me, this was really unexpected and I really enjoyed it.

Also, they had very creative songs for each of their topics with a common chorus for all. The chorus and the verses of their songs were actually remixes that they made which I found really creative and unique. Their topics were WASTE MANAGEMENT, CHILD LABOR, WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, REFUGEES, and SHELTER.

I found it very exciting because it was very different from the ones that we watched. When they were introducing their topics on stage, each and every group used a different type of performing art to present it like a skit or a song. Each group presented them in such a manner that they really got out the message and captured the audience. In other words, it had a really powerful message to bring out which it did successfully.

What I didn’t like was that it was super long and it sometimes got a bit boring. About the chorus, after each group had their verse, the chorus was sung again. What they could have done was that they could have done it once in the beginning and once at the  end of the introduction in the form of a song.

Otherwise, it was a good experience.

Taking Action

 Expression Stall –   Umayra Monie

For our exhibition action, our group, Uma, Eunseo and I, decided to create an “Expression Stall” so that the students of the MBIS PYP could express themselves in various ways.

We decided to open up this stall and to include it as our action because we are very passionate about expressing ourselves through stories and wanted to give students of PYP, the same opportunity  to see how much fun they could have while acting, songwriting and even writing their own stories. We planned a whole lot of activities to help them express themselves.

We have opened up an “Acting and Songwriting Stall” where there are different activities such as bookmark making and there is the “Creative Writing Stall “ where they also have activities such as letter making/decorating.

For the first day, it was quite hard because some of the students were looking bored and then they didn’t seem very interested so we thought adding more activities and making the stall look attractive would help. So, at lunch, our stall looked better and had more activities and supplies that the students could use and we got much more people to come to our stalls. They did enjoy it!

We have received some fantastic feedback from students that had came to our stall and we even enjoyed carrying out our activities independently.