Experience in the Wolf of Wall Street Competition

In the 12 weeks of the Wolf of Wall Street competition, conducted by Harvard, I learned many things that I never thought would even apply to my real-life experience. From understanding what even an investment is, to conducting a thorough fundamental analysis on companies that I felt would produce a profuse amount of money, I could really review my progress towards the end of the competition. I started as a very scared, and conservative investor, continuously viewing the changes in the stock price, as I wanted to ensure that my money was not lost. However, I understood that with investment, patience is key, and as I learned more about what I really was doing, I could trust myself, and trust the money that I invested. 

Reaching the top 15 was a great and honorable achievement, for me, especially due to the competition being conducted by Harvard, where competition is plentiful, with around 80-90 students participating. I had a great time learning about various important key concepts of a business, such as debt-to-equity ratio, return on equity, price-to-book value, and so much more. I could even perform a somewhat thorough fundamental analysis of the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement of many companies, to understand which would be a good investment, for the future. I also got to know so much about the future of famous companies, such as Apple, Amazon, and JP Morgan, and how they must adjust their plans to the demand of future generations, to ensure that they maintain their market stand. In total, I earned $15000, on all my investments, which were diversified across many sectors.

To conclude, this concept is something that I really find interesting, and I am grateful to have learned it from successful investors while practicing my learnings on a virtual simulation. It will surely be a great takeaway for me, and I still have so much more to learn. Nonetheless, this is the perfect starting point, as I commence my journey to become both a successful investor and investment pitcher.

Akash (DP 1)