Experiential Learning – A Field Trip to Remember

When the ongoing unit of inquiry is based on how journeys help people discover the world, what could be more perfect than going on a journey to the outskirts of Pune, spending time with your peers, and experiencing a different setting. The annual P2 overnight field trip last week wasn’t just an outing, it was a learning experience linked to the unit, an opportunity to encourage responsibility, an engagement for developing skills and putting our Approaches to Learning (ATL’s) into practice in the real world!

As the MIS buses were heading towards Karjat, learners chatted excitedly, eager faces peered through the bus window to observe the hilly passes, anticipating the destination that would be their home for the next two days!

Arriving at Monteria Resort, our learners couldn’t contain their excitement and enthusiasm for their first overnight field trip. The instructors of Adventure Mantra – M.s Marisha, Mr. Monish, Mr. Akshay and Mr. Pushkar led the learners into the resort for some team building activities prior to check-in. In groups, learners painted environment-based illustrations and slogans to make flags, a symbol of their collaboration!

This was followed by room check-ins, and our learners were delighted to share it with their peers. The room sharing experience was instrumental in building stronger social skills for our learners, as they learned to be more accommodating, cooperate with peers, reach a consensus, and develop a sense of responsibility towards the space they shared.

The afternoon was reserved for some adventure activities, and our young learners showed great agility, ziplining their way from one area of the site to be welcomed by a rappelling and rock-climbing session on the other side. When the learners descended from the rappelling tower, or inched their way up the rock-climbing wall, it was an excellent example of their learner profile attributes – open-mindedness to participate in the adventure activities and risk-taking attitude while trying their best. Being an open-minded-risktaker is an essential attribute when going on a journey, as it gives us a chance to explore, discover and learn. These attributes linked to our unit were seen throughout this overnight field trip, especially when learners played games and during team building activities.

With the sun setting in the background, our learners headed back to their rooms to freshen up and assemble for dinner. To replenish the energy levels, a scrumptious dinner was served, and our learners enjoyed the meal thoroughly. The kids yawning in unison was the perfect indicator to ‘call it a day’, and we all returned to our rooms to change into our pajamas. A pajama party ensued, with learners visiting neighboring rooms for pillow fights or quick games. The clock struck lights out o’clock, and in no time at all our learners were tucked into their beds for a restful night.

Our early risers seemed to be ready for another day of fun, as they were wide awake, waiting to assemble for the next activity our Adventure Mantra instructors had in store for us. What better way to call it a morning than a cup of hot chocolate and some cookies, while sitting in a breezy area with your friends. A quick morning exercise and mindfulness routine followed, and we headed to the cafeteria for some breakfast.

Post breakfast, learners started getting ready for the activity they were eagerly waiting for – the water park! Changing into their swimwear, our learners took a dip into the water park, the cool waters making it a fun-filled experience indeed. Happy and cheerful faces were splashing and sliding through the water slides, emerging from the water to swim across for yet another water ride. After drying themselves and changing into a fresh set of clothes, learners were ready to apply their self-management skills to pack their bags and clear their rooms prior to check-out. Carrying their backpacks, they had a quick lunch and boarded the buses, marking the end of this memorable field trip.

This P2 trip wouldn’t have been possible without the enthusiasm of the learners, support of the parents, and the efforts of the Adventure Mantra team. Learners departed the location with cherished memories and several instances of holistic learning – where they acquired skills that will stay with them for years to come!