Field Trip Reflection – Taerin Kim

Day 1:

When I was in the bus going to Kundalika, my mind was filled with excitement. When the bus arrived at the destination, I happily got off the bus and with the noise of my suitcase wheels rolling, I walked to the main gate with happiness and excitement. When we went into the dining area, teachers gave us our tent keys and told us to go and get changed into comfortable T-shirts and shorts. Once we changed and met in the dining area, we ate our lunch and started our team building activities. When we were done, teachers told us to go to our own tents and get changed into our swimming costumes. When we got changed, we went to do the activity called Tarzan Swing. You had to hold the rope which was tied to the tree and jump to the other side of the mud pit. If you didn’t hold tight enough, you could fall into the mud. I fell in the mud everytime that I tried but I still had lots of fun. The teachers tried it too and they all fell into the muddy water! Except Mr. Amid.

After doing this activity, we went to the lake to do Kayaking. We had to get on the boat and paddle to the tree far away and get back. I was teamed up with Soumya and we successfully did it. We also got to swim in the lake which was very refreshing! When we were done, we went back to our tents and changed into comfortable clothes and went to the dining area for the last activity which was Jungle Cooking. We were divided into four groups and cooked pasta on the campfire. We had to come up with a name for our pasta dish and were judged on the presentation and taste. We ate the pasta for our dinner and also some other food. Then, we went to our own tents and went to sleep.

Day 2:

We woke up at 02:30 hrs. Instead of at 06:00 hrs as our alarm was set incorrectly. We immediately changed into our costumes thinking it was time for breakfast but then our teachers told it that it was the middle of the night and that we could go to sleep again!

At 07:00 hrs, we went for our breakfast and then for river rafting. It was really fun! At first, the water level in the river was really low because the water had not been released from the dam, but soon the water was released and we saw the water gushing into the river! We got to know the names of so many rapids and even got to do body surfing! When we were done, we went to the dining area and ate our lunch. We rested for a while and then went onto ziplining which is basically going over a cable tied from one tree to another. We then participated in the tree ladder and burma bridge activities which were challenging but also lots of fun!

We then went to our tents for some free time after which we got ready with our flashlights and water bottles to do some night time jungle trekking. At first, it was really scary because I am scared of bugs. But then we learned about anthills and tried identifying birds and insects with the sounds they make. When we got back, we ate dinner and got ready for a bonfire for which each group had to present a Madad for a product that they were given to advertise.

Day 3:

I woke up at 06:30 hrs as usual and went to the dining area to have breakfast. We then changed into our swimming costumes to have a final chance at the tarzan swing. When we got back to our tent, we packed our suitcase and bag and got ready to go back to school. We left our suitcases on the way and went to the dining area to have our lunch. When we were done, we went into the bus and got back to the school.

The field trip was lots of fun and I will remember it forever!