Fostering Responsibility and Inspiring Learning: Commencement of CCA Activities on 4 September 2023

After a week of student leaders planning and designing the CCA (Co-Curricular Activities) activities under the supervision and mentoring of teachers, the CCA for the secondary section of MIS started on Monday, 4 September. The CCA provides our talented student leaders with fresh opportunities and experiences to embark on a journey that aligns with our mission statement – inspiring learning and fostering responsibility. 

Our CCA activities aim to provide students with opportunities to practice reflective decision-making. By engaging in activities that require them to assess situations, make choices, and evaluate outcomes, our students are poised to develop a crucial life skill that will serve them well beyond their academic years.

In the coming weeks, we are excited to expand our service activities in collaboration with external organizations, namely Doorstep and Akansha, which have already started with the orientation and sign-ups for various service-related activities. The range of actions initiated by the student body shows our commitment to embrace and appreciate the rich tapestry of cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives that make up our school community.