Orange is the new Glass – an interview with the Director

  1. The play has a very unusual title. What is the idea behind the title?

The play is a modern day twist on the TV show “”Orange is the new Black” and features a Cinderella character who goes to prison and the play tells the story of the people she meets in prison – the girl squad.


  1. What inspired you to direct a play as part of your Personal project?

I am really passionate about drama and wanted my Personal project to allow me the opportunity to act. I had done drama before but this time I wanted to challenge myself as a Director, Producer and everything! It was really my passion around drama that led to me taking this forward as my Personal Project.


  1. How has this experience developed you as a young learner?

This has been a very challenging experience but extremely enjoyable. I have invested a lot of myself in this experience and the development of my skills of organization, planning, self management have all been really important in making this happen. I have also found that it developed a different side to the friendships that I have had with students in my grade level. I had to change hats regularly between being a friend and a Director and that was an interesting challenge.


  1. What were the exciting moments as a Director and what were your challenges? How did you overcome them?

One really exciting moment that I remember is when we rehearsed a particular key scene again and again and finally we got it right. That was really exciting and rewarding.

My biggest challenges have been about getting the right technical equipment and then being resourceful when the equipment is not there or not functioning as expected.

  1. What advice would you give other students who are also starting their Personal Project in the grade level below?

Do something you are passionate about as there will be challenges along the way and to overcome them, you have to be passionate about your project. Also take on a project that will be in your control, something that depends upon collaboration with other students.

 6.So the night before the show, how do you feel?

Anxious, excited, nervous but still really focused. It’s a mixture of many emotions!

 7. So what’s next for you?

After I have had a rest, I would like to continue with my passion for drama and now also leadership through directing and producing drama.


Orange is the new glass is showing at

Natsamrat Nilu Phule Rang Mandir

Kate Puram Road

Samrajya Housing Society

Bhau Saheb Kadam Nagar

Vinayak Nagar.

Parking is available.

Doors open at 6.45pm and showtime is 7pm sharp on Friday 7th December.

Donations are welcome and all proceeds will go to Eve’s chosen charity, I-India which is a charity for children’s rights.