Francophonie Day 2024

Francophonie Day at Mahindra International School was celebrated school-wide on   

Wednesday, March 20th. 

From the Primary section 

The celebration began with an assembly themed around  “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, shedding light on information about Francophonie. This assembly was led by Francophone students and French language acquisition (LA) learners from the primary classes. They collaborated to organize an assembly aiming to raise greater awareness among young people about internationalism. Under the theme “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” this initiative presented relevant information about Francophonie. Additionally, it included the singing of the song On écrit sur les murs” by Kids United, reinforcing commitment to values of solidarity and intercultural understanding. 

Following this, various activities were offered based on the learners’ age groups. 

For Early Years learners: 

Two parents came to read a book and participate in activities related to French language and culture. Vive les vacances” by Dominique Guillemant was read in French and interpreted through gestures and images to ensure understanding by all. A game of dominoes and memory was also provided to play with French words. Then, learners prepared vegetarian crepe batter. They cooked them with the help of Miss Sharon and Ms Helen then enjoyed them plain or with cinnamon sugar. Crepes are delicious thin pancakes, a staple of French culture. Finally, learners made a colorful “Manche à air”, showcasing the diversity of French-speaking countries worldwide. 

For P1,  and  P2 learners: 

Parents and teachers came to read a French book and participate in activities related to French language and culture. Different books were read in French and interpreted through gestures, actions, and expressions so that everyone had access to the story’s comprehension. Each class discussed how French is spoken as a language in several countries worldwide. Then, learners chose a flag of a country where the French language is spoken and painted it on a piece of fabric. These pieces of fabric will be assembled soon and displayed in the PYP to show how many countries share this language in common. After that, learners prepared apple tarts for all PYP classes, further reinforcing the school’s vision by positively contributing to solidifying our community through sharing. 

For P3, P4, and P5 learners: 

Members of the MIS community came to read a French book and participate in activities related to French language and culture. Different books were read in French, interpreted through expressions, and sometimes translated by French language learners so that everyone had access to the story’s comprehension. Then, learners were divided into groups. P5 learners, to promote and celebrate IB learner profile attributes, led the activity. Learners had to establish connections between the story read and the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Here is the final project.  

Finally, learners returned to their respective classes to present to their peers and teachers the connections they had established. This allowed everyone to discover and reinforce their knowledge of the SDGs and the connections we can establish with them. 

At the end of the day, all learners had the opportunity to watch a Francophone cartoon adapted to their age group in English. They discovered an adventure of “Babar” by Laurent de Brunhoff in EY (“Land of Mysterious Water”), an adventure of “Tintin” by Hergé for P1 to P2 learners (“The Red Sea Sharks“), and another adventure of “Tintin” by Hergé for P3 to P5 learners (“Tintin in Tibet“). 

MIS Secondary School Celebration of Journée Internationale de la Francophonie

International Francophonie Day, observed annually on March 20 across the 77 member states of the International Organization of La Francophonie, commemorates the French language and Francophone culture.

At MIS, our community includes several native Francophone speakers, and French is also one of the most popular languages in our MYP and DP curriculum.

To mark Francophonie Day, a special assembly was organized in the Secondary school on 18 March 2024.

The event commenced with a thought-provoking video featuring various members of the MIS community, including students and teachers, sharing their perspectives on Francophonie. They eloquently underscored the benefits of French communication, emphasizing its role in fostering global connections. Furthermore, they highlighted French’s significance in domains such as literature and gastronomy.

Following the video, an engaging House activity ensued, wherein students collaborated in groups corresponding to their houses. MYP 1-3 and MYP4-DP 2 students joined forces, pooling their knowledge to tackle a challenge. Each group was tasked with identifying details about Francophone regions, cuisine, notable figures, and vocabulary. Each house competed for a maximum of 25 points, igniting spirited participation and enthusiasm among the students.

Ultimately, the competition culminated with Red House and Green House securing joint first place, closely followed by Yellow House in second and Blue House in third.

Student Reflection:

Aditya Sood, MYP 5

After interviewing various members from our student body and school faculty for the Francophonie day, I have learned a lot more about the nuances of Francophone culture as well as the importance of promoting it around the world.

These conversations, with my MYP5 Francophone classmates and teachers, were compiled into a video projected in front of the entire secondary. Being an international school, it is important to celebrate the different cultures we find here at MIS, and Francophone Day provided us with the perfect opportunity to do so! Many of the interviewees, students and teachers alike, were proud of their Francophone culture and were happy to see its celebration in places like Pune. 

As a student of the French language, my interviews led me to learn interesting facts about the language and culture which I might not have encountered in the classroom. For example, I found out that the accents of Canadians who speak French are a little different than how the language is spoken in France after speaking to Ms. Marion from the P.H.E department. Asking about personal experiences with the French language also helped me learn more about my peers and teachers: For example, students who have lived in France speak French like a native speaker but at the same time are equally fluent in other languages which includes their home language, English, etc. I never would have guessed that our Francophone school director, Mr. Joel, is half British and half Egyptian without getting the chance to interview him about his mother language. He spoke about the importance and qualities of the French language: not only is it the third most spoken language in the world and also

With French being the most popular language taught here in our school, Francophone Day received an excellent reception, and I am looking forward to celebrating it again next year!