Fridays for Future – using our voice responsibly

On 20th September 2019, MIS students. participated in the biggest climate change school Fridays for Future movement around the world. 

But what is this movement?

The Fridays for Future movement was started by the 16-year-old climate change activist called Greta Thunberg, that focuses on striking during a portion of classes to highlight awareness about the dangers of climate change, asking for the student body and the school’s adults to pay attention now. These actions aim to bring change in by taking small steps: pledging to not use one-time plastic bags, reducing meat consumption, making better use of the school’s transport …

What did we do?

At MIS, we conducted a 20-minute break from regular classes from 12:00-12:20 pm, wherein students gathered in the MPH for a short speech, followed with a march around school. This march was documented to be a part of the thousands happening on this day. Additionally, STUCO created pledges for students to sign. These pledges mainly revolved around banning use of plastic straws, bags, cups; reducing meat consumption, using public transportation etc. These goals were created that can be kept to easily and are feasible.

What does STUCO intend to follow up with?

To keep the momentum of the climate change rally going, we aim to make our Tuck Shop eco-friendlier, by putting items such as metal straws on sale. Additionally, we aim set a limit for use of paper and create an audit to showcase the paper wastage in our school community. Promoting reduction in meat consumption and displaying climate change facts on our social media (yet in the making) is another objective we hope to see through.