Group 4 Sciences project

Presentation is an integral element of the Science group 4 project which emphasises the planning, action and reflection process. On 30th August 2019, 18 students of DP 2 presented their findings and suggestions to maintain sustainability at Pallod Farm. The Objective of the G4 presentation was sharing students’ reflection, both successes and failures, with other students and the school community. The presentation was formal and organised in the form of a science fair where students circulated around displays summarizing the activities of each group.

The Group 4 presentation was attended by the MIS Director, Principal, teachers and DP1 students. This was especially pertinent because some issue of local importance had been researched by MIS DP2 students. Some of the findings have been influenced by the way the school interacts with its environment or local community. During the presentation students were focusing on IB G4 project Aim 7: “develop and apply 21st century communication skills in the study of science.” It was addressed at the planning stage by using electronic communication within and between schools. Technology (for example, data logging, spreadsheets, databases and so on) were used in the action phase and certainly in the presentation/evaluation stage (for example, use of digital images, presentation software, websites, digital video and so on). Aim 8: “become critically aware, as global citizens, of the ethical implications of using science and technology.” Addressing the international dimension, the choice of theme’ sustainability’ to illustrate the international nature of the scientific endeavour and the increasing cooperation required to tackle global issues involving science and technology.

The photos below show some of our students in action.

Ms Shweta

Head of Science.