Guys and Dolls Jr – Update 4

This week, the cast and the tech team has been preparing for our assembly on the 13th of March, Wednesday, during which we will be giving a sneak-peek of the show, a scene and even a song! As the cast works on preparing the presentation, the tech team mics them up and makes sure the speakers and microphones are in place and ready to go. For the past week, the cast has been working together to practice, memorise and perfect Scene 6 and the closing song ‘Happy Ending!. ‘Happy Ending!’ is sung by everyone, main characters as well as the ensemble as a conclusion to the show. Meanwhile, Scene 6 involves the majority of the characters– the crapshooters, Adelaide and Lieutenant Brannigan.

Speaking of which, this week’s character reveal focuses on Lt. Brannigan, played by Jona Van Berkel! Lt. Brannigan’s character is the police officer that always plays the patsy and is outwitted by the Gamblers. Tough and down-to-business, he’s the city cop who always seems to know what’s happening around town but gets fooled easily. Crap shooting and illegal gambling? Brannigan is sure to appear in many scenes of the Guys and Dolls Jr. Musical!

Be sure to stay tuned for next week’s article and a new character reveal!

The Guys & Dolls Team