IB Arts Exhibition

MBIS proudly pronounces our IB Arts Exhibition on Friday, 29th March, 2019 to present our DP2 Art student’s artwork. We are privileged to present our DP2 Art students which encompasses Anya Divekar, Meghan Kalvey, Lukas Konig, Beatrice Maurilli and Harvey Jones. The above artists have been working for months as part of their IB Art programme to put forth a memorable evening filled with gripping artworks. The artists are making sure that the exhibition is well organised; the paintings are arranged in a meticulous order that evokes interest in each piece as viewers move from one painting to another.

Art can be a direct, visual reflection of the artist’s life. If we look at some of our student’s artwork we will be able to see the connection between the artist and the art.

At the end of the day, the exhibition will enrich the lives of the people as they come together, the interaction of sharing how they feel about the art, promoting positive bonding between family members, children and even strangers. We the MBIS community are looking forward to this big artistic day.

 Below are the Individual DP2 Art student’s artistic statements.

Anya Divekar

After taking a photography trip in the center of Pune, I was inspired to create my exhibition around this experience. This eye-opening trip in September consisted mainly of photographs on perception and close-up portraits of children and their families, therefore I either used these raw photographs as individual art pieces or created artworks of different mediums based on photographs. My intention for this final opportunity to showcase our hard work throughout these two years, was to reach the audience on personal levels by expressing different perceptions of something that may seem unoriginal or simple. I have worked extremely closely with detail by understanding true patience, which can be seen through my main piece. My main piece was done first, which took me two months to complete using oil colours. Small details in my exhibition may reveal something distinct or symbolic, unifying all the pieces together which is something for the audience to interpret personally.

Meghan Kalvey

Often, the reason why we fail to see another side to a story is because we are not fully aware of its existence. When it comes to people, this creates a disconnect between the image of that person, or group of people, versus their truth. Although, by paying attention to detail, which often requires a conscious effort, I believe it is possible to effectively look past face value. The purpose of my artwork is to encourage the audience to physically and consciously move towards, away from, and/or around my pieces, in search of details and subtleties that would help look past the image and unveil possible truths. I invite you to find other sides to stories!

Lukas Konig

At a first glance, my art will seem very simple, and not very advanced in terms of traditional techniques. And both of these observations are very true. To explain my art, I like to use basketball as an allegory. My jump shots are awful, my ball-handling is not good at all, but I know this, so instead, I contribute to the team in other ways, ways that I am good at, like passing or setting picks. When I encounter things I find challenging, I  focus on maximizing usage of things I do know how to do. The same applies in Art. When I encounter some barrier, I don’t try to break it down, I find another way around it, hence the untraditional, different feeling that comes when looking at my artworks.

Harvey Jones

Life on Earth has never been without its issues. Accepting that one will experience conflict and difficulty throughout life is a part of being human. It is our resilience to oppression that defines us as a species and drives us to improve upon ourselves. These ‘human issues’ come in a multitude of forms. However, in more recent years, the majority of the issues that we face are either caused by, or communicated through, the media. The media itself also takes many forms and personal experience can verify that each form seems to be equally damaging to the majority of the global populus.

The focus of my work is primarily on the issues which I have faced. As a result of my membership of ‘generation Z’, my work focuses on issues faced by the people in my generation, or those alive in my lifetime. I approach elements of life in the modern world such as employment, democracy, television, censorship, social media, technology and surveillance; elements which hold a great deal of significance – whether positive or negative – in the lives of the modern person. My work seeks to provide an exaggerated commentary on the harsh realities that some of us face and all of us are affected by. Each work, a comment on the problems we face as humans in the contemporary world.

Beatrice Maurilli

Undertaking IB art was unfamiliar ground for me, at first, as although I had done art in the past but never with the discipline and skill which the IB requires. In these two years my art as evolved to finally represent the theme of “journey”: this is symbolic of my personal global journey living in foreign countries, as well as my personal journey as an individual, along with others’ journeys and how they have changed my understanding of global belonging. My art includes 2D work such as pencil sketches and acrylic on canvas, as well as 3D work such as fabric and mixed media collages, along with a few lens-based works (photography).