IDU trip to New Delhi, Amritsar and Chandigarh

MYP2 went for an IDU trip to New Delhi, Amritsar and Chandigarh. Our task was based on PHE, Design and I&S, and was focused mainly on cricket. Our first destination was Camp Wild at Dhauj where we saw a presentation on what our task was and then played a simple version of cricket to understand the game.

At Amritsar we visited the Golden Temple and it was an amazing experience for us all. We did service there to understand more about their beliefs and way of helping. The boys and girls split into two groups. The girls applied ghee on 600 rotis and the boys washed dishes and peeled garlic. An interesting fact that one of the teachers gave me was that peeling garlic or eating it is very good for removing any sickness in your body.

In Jalandhar we saw the BAS factory where they make cricket equipment and hockey sticks. We interviewed a cricket player named Rahul Sharma. We finally reached Chandigarh where we visited the Sports Complex of Chandigarh and interviewed a senior Kabaddi coach. We then went to the Mohali stadium and saw a live cricket match and our teachers explained the game as it was happening! By the end of the day we all had a better understanding of our final task, which was creating an infographic.  

  • By Umayra MYP2A and Filippo d’Andria MYP 2B