Inquiry into Recycling – P5 exhibition

Hello, my name is Catalina, I am 11 years old and the global issue I decided to inquire about is Recycling.

Why did I select my inquiry?

I chose my inquiry because I wanted to change the way people looked at recycling and stop producing more waste.

My central idea was: Attitudes towards recycling impacts individuals, communities and the environment   My lines of Inquiry were:

  • How does recycling work.
  • Effects of recycling and managing waste.
  • Raising awareness about recycling.

My transdisciplinary theme was: How we organize ourselves, my issue connects to this transdisciplinary theme because you need to organize to be able to recycle.  My concepts were Function, Causation and responsibility.

My focus Learner Profile attributes were: Knowledgeable- I gained information about recycling from different subjects, and I understand that recycling is a global and local issue.

My UN Goals was  number 13, Climate action, this connects to my issue because when people recycle they can stop climate change.                                                        

My approaches to learning were Research skills, I developed my research skills because I researched about recycling a lot and I also researched about the different ways to recycle. I gathered information and recorded it into my journal.

My links to the school Mission and Vision were

  • Encourage responsibility: I wanted other people to be responsible with their waste that they generate and take action to recycle it.
  • Promote learning: I learned new things about recycling and can use that information to make other people aware of recycling.

During my research I found out that

  • Recycling can help stop climate change because it helps reduce deforestation. 
  • It reduces the need of the extraction of virgin and raw resources,
  • It also reduces energy consumption.
  • There are 4 steps of recycling, collect, process, manufacture and sell or use.

I interviewed  my Dad and Ms. Maya as primary sources of information.

The secondary sources I used were websites and articles

Here are some of the resources I created to help spread awareness about my inquiry

My slides will only be accessible via an MISP email id.  Parents can log in with the students id’s.  This will keep you safer online.

Inquiry that leads to action!

My personal action will be Recycling my waste by separating them into the different bins and reducing the use of plastic.

I will ask people in my community to take action by

  • Recycling
  • Spreading awareness
  • Reducing the amount of waste that they use


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My dad