Inspiring learning via our celebrations – The students 25th Anniversary event and Global Play Day – 6th February 2024.   Accounts from our P5 learners.

This second blog also demonstrates our P5 learners working on their writing skills with an audience in mind.  They have been writing short paragraphs to put together into a blog for your community.  

The day started when in the morning at around 8:15 am, we had gone down to the basketball court for the 25th anniversary celebration. There was a stage at the basketball court. Then Mr. Joel gave a short speech. After that there were some songs and some performances for the anniversary. Then we listened to a speech from the CEO of Mahindra. That speech was taken from the actual 25th anniversary celebration for adults. (Sahil and Anes) 

During our time on the basketball court, we learned more about our school’s history and how it started. We really enjoyed the dances and how they were different. We enjoyed performing on stage because the choir sang a song which was related to the 25th anniversary. We have now learned how our school has changed and how it only started with 5 people in a bungalow. This was a highly informative event as we also learned about Anand Mahindra and about his life. (Suhaana and Jueun) 

When the global playday started, we were so excited. We understood how the school functions. We saw and met different people. We also made friends by playing games on the courtyard. We mostly enjoyed the time in the art class, although we like fun activities like football but when we started to draw, we liked it so much. (Seo Yeon, Hayoon) 

On global play day it was fun because there were no classes. We played all day with our friends. Also, the good thing is we played football most of the time, but my legs hurt. It made me feel happy as this opportunity comes ones or twice a year. We interacted with our P5 classmates and that brought us closer to them. (Hridaan and Jake) 

The type of play I got engaged in was drawing because I like it so much. Second, I liked playing badminton with Bani. Third, I liked playing board games because we learned how to play new board games that we did not know. The most engaging activity I thought of was drawing because I like drawing, and it went well. (Advita) 

We enjoyed makerspace, P2 class activities (LEGO), and football because we always liked to make different innovations.  We were able to finish something as we did not last Global Play Day, a cardboard car. (Isaac and Gabriel) 

We enjoyed playing football, board games and talking with friends. A few suggestions for next year’s global play day are: 

  • We could add more activities to do, like asking the parents to share one game that they have but if they do not want, they do not need to.  
  • We could try to give more time to the field because on the field there are many places and we do not need someone to watch us. (Viraj) 

We created a deeper connection with our friends during the activities we did together. We also bonded due to our similar interests and passions. We both learned something and taught each other. We spent a whole day together with no interruptions. We never made new friendships with anyone, but we really enjoyed playing football and other games with my friends on global playday. There were also different classes playing with us, so we played with other classes, and it was fun. Playing with my friends got us closer and we have a good friendship among each other. (Bani and Zakiya) 

Article co-created by P5 learners.  

February 2024