P3 Empathy Museum

The P3 learners inquired into our transdisciplinary unit, ‘Who we are’ and the strand ‘what it means to be human’. Learners identified empathy as a fundamental aspect of our identity. Inspired by Clare Patey’s Empathy Museum, our students were intrigued by the idea of creating their own empathy museum. 

After viewing a video about the Empathy Museum, our learners expressed a keen interest in developing a similar project to showcase their learning. Through discussions on empathy, they identified objects that held personal significance to them, such as a cricket bat, a football, or an ID card. Utilizing waste materials, they meticulously crafted these objects in class. 

Items created by P3 learners for Empathy Museum 

Collaborating with Mr. Arif, a secondary design teacher, we brainstormed ways to bring our students’ vision to life. Mr. Arif introduced our learners to Makey-makey, a tool that would enable interactive experiences. To complement their creations, students wrote stories explaining their emotional connections to their chosen objects. These stories were recorded to allow visitors to empathize with each object. Using Scratch, Mr. Arif programmed codes that could be connected to Makey-makey, enhancing the interactive aspect of the museum.  

Empathy Museum presentation 

Through the tireless efforts from our learners and the Design and Technology department, the Empathy Museum became a reality. Visitors to the museum were moved by the stories behind each object, fostering a deeper sense of empathy. 

Authored by P3 learning community. 

Photos by the P3 Teaching Team 

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