What does ISACI mean to you?

Trisha Gupta has been a member of our ISACI Girls Basketball team for the last 4 years and Captain for the last 2 years. She has seen changes and developments in the league as well as players within her team.  Here she shares insights regarding her participation in ISACI.

(The attached photo shows the 2018/19 Girls Eagles Basketball team. Credit unknown)

You have been involved in ISACI for a few years now as part of the Girls Basketball team. Based on your experience what does ISACI have to offer younger students?

I think one of the biggest things ISACI offers to younger students is the opportunity to learn and challenge yourself (both physically and mentally) outside the classroom. My experience as a member of the ISACI team has helped me develop integral collaborative and communication skills, and I have seen an increase in my levels of fitness over the years. The 15 minute jogging sessions and “suicide” running drills have certainly not been easy, but they have taught me to persevere and have cultivated a love for physical fitness within me. My teammates over the years have become some of my closest friends, and the ability to work towards a common goal with equally motivated students across different grade levels has been truly unparalleled.

What changes have you seen in both ISACI and our school’s involvement over the last 4 years?

I have noticed that school spirit towards ISACI is much more vibrant now. As compared to my first ISACI tournament 4 years ago, I can see that students are more excited to participate in ISACI teams, and there is a heightened sense of enthusiasm and commitment whenever we host tournaments or travel to play. Our school’s involvement has been consistent, and I believe that we have been able to create a positive learning environment even during our ISACI practices.

As Captain of our Girls Basketball team how do you encourage other players on the team?

As captain, I am aware of my responsibility to inspire, lead and guide my team. Whether it’s by calming my teammates down from crippling pre-game anxiety or by motivating them (and in doing so, myself) to reflect on missed passes, praise the swishes, and learn from the admirable offensive strategies of our competitors even after a brutal loss- I do my best to encourage other players and keep team spirits high.

What advice do you have for younger students wanting to try out for our ISACI teams?

ISACI will be challenging- it requires determination, resilience, and most importantly, commitment. However, ISACI will truly help you grow into a perseverant collaborator, a calmer thinker and a rational leader. ISACI has been one of the highlights of my time at MIS, and although the journey has been tough, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. One of the best parts about ISACI is forging unbreakable bonds with your teammates (and even your opponents!), and being able learn so much about a sport you may have never even played before- it really is the best way to challenge yourself, have fun, and stay fit all at the same time.

One of the main things associated with sports is the competitive side: there is usually a winning team and a defeated team. How do you cope with losing matches and how do you move on to the next match?

Something I have learnt is that my team’s mistakes are our greatest strengths. Although losing after having fought hard hurts, I have taught myself to look towards the bright side and to encourage my team to do the same. I always reflect on the mistakes I make during games, whether that be games we have lost or won- this helps me to grow as a player and to ensure that I do not make the same mistakes twice. I view each new match as a new opportunity to push myself and improve my own skills, which keeps me going.

As a DP 2 student how do you balance ISACI with all your other commitments, including study?

My academic workload has been especially tough this year, but I try my best to manage my time well. Usually, I will finish off bigger assignments on days that we do not have practice, and I will try to get most of my work for the week done in advance because I know that practices will take up a large chunk of my time. Although this has been slightly difficult, I love that practices actually give me a break from the rigour of my school work and allow me to channel my thinking into strategizing on the court.

What has been your greatest achievement as part of an ISACI team?

My greatest achievement has been being able to rise to the position of captain for three years in a row. I have seen a drastic improvement in my own skills and my attitude on court. Playing has taught me the importance of sportsmanship and I have gained confidence in myself and my abilities as a basketball player. Being captain has been demanding, but I feel like my leadership skills have also improved immensely.

A short review of ISACI Boys Basketball

By Myungchan Kim (Captain)

As the captain of ISACI Boys Basketball 2019, I could say it was a good season and a great learning experience. Even though we were not able to “Threepeat”, I can proudly say that everyone has learned a lot throughout the season. As we started the season, we knew that it was going to be a testament to our grit and perseverance as it was rebuilding season for us. 7 out of 10 of our last year’s team had left and out of that 7, 5 were the starters. The talent level and physical abilities were different compared to last year but I believe we have put up an outstanding fight against the improved opponents which lead us to coming in 3rd position.

One major thing that we learnt through the season and the tournament is the idea of never giving up. Many of the games, we got swept and lost by more than 10 points. But even when that happened, we never gave up the thought of coming in 1st place. In one of our games, we were down 7 points by half, but was able to make a comeback and win by a single point. Another important thing that we learnt was the importance of teamwork and cooperating. Since basketball is not a sport where one player dominates, but a team that makes plays for each other to excel, we were able to learn and improve our cooperation, communication and teamwork through our mistakes and failures. In all, I thought that the experience was a good one and I enjoyed it to the fullest.