Learning to Sketch-Note….Sketch-Noting to Learn in P2

This year has taught us the resilience to embrace new challenges and stretch our limits. It has also made it possible for us to learn, to be agile and grow with the ever-changing environment.

Pedagogical practices and learning techniques have transformed, all thanks to the pandemic. Virtual learning has made it possible for each learner to experiment and explore new ways of acquiring knowledge and assimilation of new learning.

A recent online workshop titled ‘Sketchnoting Digital Module’ with well-known educator and sketchnoting expert Slyvia Duckworth led to a more in-depth view of how sketch-noting can be applied in myriad ways within a learning environment.

In P2, learners have been dabbling with this dynamic style of note taking – Sketchnoting! The best of two worlds fuse in this method, which makes it possible for an individual to doodle, learn and record information. Tapping into the creativity inherent in each learner, Sketchnoting helps unleash individual styles of representing learning – especially through drawings and keywords. When you sketch note, you might draw signs, symbols, icons, doodles, and give them more meaning by adding keywords. It is a quicker and engaging method of compiling information.

The whole idea behind adding sketches to your notes is that it taps into parts of your brain that would lie dormant if you only use words to explore ideas…”

For our young learners of P2, this technique proved to be very useful in the development of the skill of information transfer and research. Referring to videos and informative text evolved into a fun session of sketching their ideas and learning. The sketchnotes highlighted key words, mind maps, use of illustrations and most importantly cognition! A glimpse of thoughts on paper, a visual of ideas in action.

Read aloud sessions have been made more absorbing, as learners now enjoy doodling while listening to a story. The practice strengthens their ability to listen and assimilate information, as they sketch their understanding. As the story unfolds, learners are able to draw what they perceive the story to be, visually representing their learning takeaways!

“It is fun to do this. It is like mindfulness!” – Siyun

“I think it helps me focus.” – Ruhi

“I can write what I learn!” – Suhaana

“This activity is like mindful colouring.” – Eunjoon

This technique is fast-growing worldwide, as it adopts a learner-centric approach and celebrates individuality.

So next time, don’t just note down information – Sketch Note!

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