Literature circle


In our Literature Circle we are reading ‘Sadako and Thousand Paper Cranes’ by Eleanor Coerr

 The story is based on the life of a real girl, named Sadako who lived in Japan after  World War II from 1943 to 1955. She was an agile and enthusiastic runner and loved to run and take part in running races. She was the star of her school’s running team. Then suddenly dizzy spell starts. She was admitted in a hospital. She makes paper cranes because her friend said that her wish will come true if she made 1000 cranes. It is a nice sad story and I recommend that who likes to read about real people must read this book.

We learnt how to create a family tree. We wanted to dress the family in their traditional dress. Each one of us choose one family member of Sadako.

We watched a video. First we had to make the head and body. Then we made the Kimono. After we made the kimono we realized that the head was too big. So we had to cut and make the head smaller. That was not easy. We learnt that we need to plan before we begin our task. We were good communicators. We viewed the video, talked to each other to be clear on how to fold the paper to make kimono and shared ideas.

Some of the group members could not follow the direction on the video. Ms. Lakshmi shared a book which showed them how to make paper Kimono. This helped the other group members.

It took us two lessons to complete designing the family and display it on the window in ELA class. We must have good self -management skills to remember to bring our origami paper, save the pieces we cut safely, put things away after we finished our work and take turns to use the resources.

We enjoyed this activity and the Kahoot quizzes on the chapters we read. So far group one has been reading and answering most of the quizzes. Go girls! Go!

We are looking forward to read the rest of the book and find out more about lantern festival, memorial day and what happened during the Second World War.

Please come to ELA room to see our display.

Jiwoo- PYP 4 – ELA