Making Music – PYP 3

Talent abounded last week when our PYP 3 students took to the stage at the Radisson.  The whole show had us tapping our feet and clapping along.  It was wonderful to hear parents’ later comment on the overall quality of the performance and in particular the way they marveled at the piece with 8, yes 8 different rhythms  being played simultaneously by the young musicians.

We also had the opportunity to showcase a few of the individual student’s talents in the areas of music and dance.  We saw how many of our students are practice daily outside of school to learn western and classical dance, play the piano or guitar and to sing.  It is good see students following their passions, interests and hobbies and being risk takers by sharing them with the larger MBIS community.

The Art work on display was wonderful and one parent even questioned if PYP 3 had really produced work of such a high standard.  I was amazed by many of their reflections on their work we truly have a talented bunch.

As the pictures show it was a colourful event all round and this was reflected in the vibrancy of the performance.

We were left in no doubt that PYP 3 and the teaching team at MBIS are living the learner profile, there was endless commitment, creativity and communication.

The whole PYP team are to be thanked for the great Arts Extravaganza.

Last week I shared a link on Art Education this week there is one on music.  As you know MBIS and the IB place a high value on Music as part of the holistic development of a child.