From the PYP house captains

On 15th February we the PYP House Captains planned an activity on Environmental Awareness. All the House Captains chose a UN Global Goal and together planned an activity. Vayu’s Global Goal was Life Below Water, Jal chose Clean Water and Sanitation, Agni’s was Climate Action and Prithvi was Life on Land.

Here’s how it all started….One Monday morning during our weekly meetings with Ms Meghna we came up with an idea to plan a house building activity which would address the issues we face today. The activity had to be fun and the whole of PYP had to be involved. We brainstormed and came to the conclusion that most children like sensory play and Art. Making things is a great way to express oneself while having fun and creating a masterpiece.

The activity took a lot of planning and dedication. We had to present our idea at the weekly assembly, make posters, arrange for materials and the location for it to happen.

Our activity had to be environmental friendly so we tried our best to use recycled materials as much as possible. On the day of the activity all the four houses had their tables ready with clay, colour pencils, coloured paper, newspaper etc.

As discussed earlier with the PYP, the activity was about the impact of human actions on our chosen Global Goal. For example, Vayu (Yellow) had Life Below Water so the entire house had to make something related to the impact of human action to the life below water.

At the start we were very nervous but then as the activity progressed we got calmer and all went smoothly. Everyone were engrossed in the activity and we had a lot of fun!

Overall the activity was a great learning experience for both the house and the house captains.We learned how to be more independent when it comes to organise bigger things and also  how to manage our stress.

This had been a wonderful experience and I personally would be delighted to do this again!!

Riddhima Jain PYP 5

Vayu(Yellow) House Captain