MBIS Hiking Club

Pune is wonderfully situated at the edge of the Western Ghats of Maharashtra in a biodiverse and historically rich region of India. The moderate climate and myriad network of trails along the sides of mountains and into an impressive series of forts make this a prime location for hiking, trekking, exploring the beautiful present along with a tumultuous past.

What follows is a student reflection after our second hike of the year from MYP4 Student Shreya Joshi:

On the 23rd of September, the hiking club travelled to Tikona fort which is located near the Pavana Dam, in Mulshi. The fort is located among amazing hills and overlooks the Pavana reservoir. We left school around 9 am and reached in an hour and a half. When we arrived the locals approached and told us about a restoration work going on at the top of the fort. They needed people to take tiles to the top so that it would make the process of transportation easier. Everyone had a choice to carry tiles if they wanted to. We decided as a group that we would help and took one tile between two people. The road to the top of the fort was not easy at all. There were steep steps and small paths which were slippery all along the way. Everyone took turns carrying the tiles, and at some parts every single one of had to work together by creating chains and passing the tiles along one by one. We could see a lot of people had given up along the way, but we all ended up on top and were successful, this showed how we could work well and collaborate as a team and how we persevered in action when working alone did not seem like an option. When we reached the top it was a very satisfying moment, and every one of us rejoiced. The view was mesmerizing and the hours it took to climb to the top were definitely worth it.  I definitely became more aware as to how much work this meant and how important communication and collaboration is in moments like these. It felt great being a part of this, and it definitely challenged me as an individual. Enjoying the hike itself was what we all had in mind but along the way we ended up helping the community too. It was a really nice hike and felt very valuable since I was able to learn so much.