How Natural Environments are significant to Individuals and Societies?

In a unit ‘How Natural Environments are significant to Individuals and Societies?’ MYP 2 students studied various biomes, ecosystems and impact of human action on ecosystems. During classroom discussion students came up with an idea of working on potential solutions. One of the manageable solutions students thought of is afforestation/ Tree Plantation.

We planned an activity in collaboration with Mr. Hector Andrade and his team. On 12th December, 31 students from MYP 2 and three teachers went on an excursion trip. Students were divided into pairs and with one more buddy from local school, who assisted them to carry out activity, we planted about 150 – 200 saplings. Mr. Hector Andrade and his team had kept pits and saplings ready. Mr. Hector briefed students on how to plant a sapling.

The learning outcome of this activity was not limited to classroom learning but had a scope beyond that.This activity allowed students to identify problems and came up with sustainable solutions. Students collaborated with local communities and contributed positively as individuals while applying classroom learning about ecosystems and the significance of natural environment in our lives.

Students demonstrated that they are part of “an empowered and agile community that contributes positively within and beyond school” (MBIS School Vision Statement, 2017).

Sayli Tongaokar