MIS EdTech Vision

MIS EdTech Vision

MIS strives to develop a community of digital lifelong learners who aspire to make a difference in the not-yet-known-world

At MIS, we are committed to integrating technology to enhance the learning and teaching environment. We engage our learners in solving challenging problems and puzzles, thinking critically and enhancing their creativity. We provide learning experiences that are connected with pedagogical purpose, encourage collaboration and provide a window for expression and reflection. We recognize the importance of digital literacy and use technology to develop responsible and empowered individuals.

Our Learning Culture

At MIS, students, teachers, parents, and administrators are strongly connected and are all considered “learners”

We are driven by the desire to learn, unlearn, and relearn in order to adapt to the constantly moving world

We embrace intercultural understanding and are internationally-minded

We believe in an environment of trust, autonomy and collaboration

We share our passion for learning through social media to connect to the wider community

We give choices and offer various pathways to achieve common objectives

We develop intrinsic motivation through autonomy, mastery and purpose

We develop the understanding of an healthy and balanced lifestyle

We behave responsibly online, apply common sense and don’t compromise the safety of ourselves and others.

We reflect, inquire, question and apply critical thinking

Through technology we aim:

  • To provide global access to information, digital media and devices  involve all learners in the digital society and provide them with leadership opportunities (Admin, Teachers, Students Tech Mentors)
  • To teach digital citizenship
  • To meet the curricular needs of all learners, personalize and differentiate learning and challenge everyone  refine critical thinking skills and foster creativity
  • To provide a medium for expression and communication
  • To collect, assess, and share performance information  improve the effectiveness of administrative tasks
  • To encourage risk-taking, innovation and reflexivity
  • To remain flexible and constantly adapt to the fast-moving world