Being part of the MUN club for the past three years has been a holistic experience, from being a delegate in my first year to being part of the Executive Board at the MBIS MUN 20-19. Coming into my junior year, I was able to be part of the leadership group in the club.

In November 2019, we received the tentative dates for the MISMUN 2020 and immediately started planning the conference. We all divided our roles and were able to assign roles to the executive board as well. We decided the theme for the conference and were also able to form a structure for the conference. This included planning which committees will be there and the approximate number of delegates in each committee. Since we started planning a few months before the conference, we had agreed to invite a larger number of schools to the conference in order to eventually spread the news about MIS MUN around the MUN community. This not only strengthened our communication skills, but also helped us develop our social skills when talking to MUN representatives from across the country.

As we got closer to the conference, we began to settle on the delegations for each school and for the delegates who would participate in the conference from our school. It was a very time-consuming process, and it took us a very long time to get everything worked out. I guess this was where we first began to experience the intensity of the work of the conference and were filled with work that needed to be done for the conference and our schoolwork as well. During this process, self-management skills were very important to every one of us, and we had very little time to rest.

A few weeks before the conference, we heard about COVID-19 and how it impacted conferences in other nations. This virus had reached India and the city of Pune before we knew it. That’s when we realized the issues that we could face while hosting the conference, and slowly schools from other cities dropped out due to the danger of travelling. Therefore, after meeting several times with the teachers in charge, we first agreed to restrict the conference to students at Mahindra International School only. As a result, fewer committees and delegates were part of the conference. This caused a lot of issues and we had to move chairs of dissolved committees and make them a delegate.

At the end of it, our school closed a week before the conference, and we were not able to host the conference because we were not yet prepared for an online conference.

We have faced many challenges throughout the process, but by working together throughout the process, we have been able to ensure that any problem was tackled with a feasible solution.