Model United Nations

Like many who sign up for Model United Nations, it was a fraction of excitement and nearly all nervousness with which I assumed the role of club leader and Secretary General for MIS MUN 2021. I was eager and ambitious in my plans for the first virtual MUN conference of our school. I am glad to say that I quite relished in the long hours hunched over my laptop and endless calls with fellow student leaders and teachers. Without their support, of course, the conference would have been impossible and I am immensely thankful for their perseverance.

Apart from the fact that it was fully virtual, MIS MUN 2021 brought a few major challenges. The first was with participation. Since the participating age group had been reduced to the MYP students, the number of students who signed up for the conference was at first very low. At the same time, the lower age group (mainly between MYP 1-4) meant that some of the topics I had picked weren’t going to be suitable. I had to make this more enjoyable — Harry Potter.

Running a fictional MUN committee, where delegates debate about problems in a magical (rather than the real) world was an interesting experience that taught me to think outside of the box. Not only did I have to appropriately link the Harry Potter canon to realistic scenarios, but it was also a task for the chairs to work around the typical rules of debate to suit the fictional setting. Thanks to their efforts, the Harry Potter committee saw some of the most heated debate sessions throughout the conference.

The second major challenge was perseverance. A MUN conference, I’m afraid, is significantly more tedious when you’re required to spend long hours at your laptop. I, as well as other chairs and delegates, felt the fatigue taking over after long hours of resolution writing. It was the responsibility and dedication to the spirit of policymaking and constructive debate that made us stay sincere and active.

The primary aim for MIS MUN 2021 was to allow younger, new delegates to be properly acquainted with model united nations. In this aspect, I am proud to say that we have been successful. I am glad to have led an event that had a positive impact on the student body and encouraged open conversation about various global issues. However, it was also a chance for me to grow personally. I have learnt to be more open and flexible when I am working in a team and have been inspired by the delegates’ passion for debate. I can honestly say that it was an honor to have served as Secretary General and wish all the best for MIS MUN 2022!

Junhui (DP 2)