MS. Lila Broom’s visit to MBIS

Ms Lila Broom’s visit to MBIS

The students of MYP 1 & 2 had an enjoyable and productive learning experience when Ms Leela Broome visited our school on the 18th of April.She was as delighted to meet them as they were on seeing her.

The discussion and questions that followed her story telling session was interesting to witness.

We are grateful to Ms Sunita Malekar for inviting Ms Leela Gour Broome and making the experience of storytelling fun and interesting.

Ms. M Mistry

 Some of the thoughts that students shared

What we got out of the session – As we entered the auditorium our faces were full of excitement as we sat down and Mrs Lila Broom walked in. As she shared information with us we became more intrigued, her voice was soft but interesting, which made us all feel relaxed and calm. Then she took us on an adventure, showing us the place she used to live, we all gasped at the amazing scenery and beautiful animals. Then she read us some of her book, we used our imagination to think about what these teens were going through and what might happen next! After the session we all gossiped about how greatly we thought of her, and how interested we were with her stories and past life. We will all remember this session as we understand and feel more for nature now.

Grace Robinson

After her taking us on an adventure through the remote, beautiful tea leaf garden, we soon learnt more about Ms Lila Broom and how her personal experiences shaped her story writing. We learnt about her motif for writing; how she wanted more children to learn about the wildlife in South India, and just after her talking about the magnificent creatures that inhabited the area, we wanted to learn more! As well as this we have learnt about her parents, her father had fought in World War II whilst her mother had built a underground hospital with one of her close friends. After hearing this fact about her, we were amazed.

Sophia Vidal

About her books – Her first book was called “Flute in the Forest” she did a lot of writing on stories related to the environment, a series of pun cartoons, and cartoons strips for a children’s newspaper and a local magazine. Her second book “Red Kite Adventure” it’s based on two boys- Arzaan and Veer who live in Kathwada. Her third book is the “Anaishola Chronicles” is about two teens that go on an adventure in High Wave’s, South India  on a tea estate. All of her books were published by Puffin.