My Exhibition

Hello my name is Ridhan I have been part of the school community for several,(8), years and am still going. I am a member of the highest grade in Primary, P5 and the exhibition task is done, but not over, therefore I would like to share my exhibition journey with you.

I chose my inquiry because if we don’t take action for my UN goal (13climate change) it may have disastrous effects on the climate, the Earth and all the living beings inhabiting it . However, if we take positive action it could have amazing effects on the planet!  My inquiry was driven, not because of my passion (if it was I would be working on Goal 4: Quality Education), but I feel that trees are a great way to stop climate change and the more we plant the better our climate situation is.

My central idea was:   “Changes in the environment impact climate”

My lines of Inquiry were:

  1. Role of trees (What do trees do? This is Function.)
  2. Effects of deforestation(What are the effects of deforestation? This is Causation.)
  3. Action for trees (What action can we take for trees? This is Responsibility.)

My transdisciplinary theme was: Sharing the Planet

My concepts were function, causation and responsibility.

My related concepts were:

  • Cooperation
  • Legislation
  • Production
  • Ownership
  • Dependence

My focus Learner Profile attributes were

  • Caring-since I am caring towards trees.
  • Inquirer-I had to delve into my inquiry and I did so therefore I was an inquirer

My UN Goals number is 13: Climate Action. As I have said before if we took action it could have spectacular effects on the planet whereas if we don’t it could ruin the entire world!             

My approaches to learning were


  1. Writing
  2. Speaking


  1. Ethical use
  2. Gathering and recording.

My links to the school Mission and vision were

  • Encourage responsibility – we have to take the responsibility/action to change in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Promote learning-  People need to be taught how to improve the environment and climate.

During my research, I found out

  • Hurricanes that originate in Africa are often crossing the Atlantic ocean and devastating America!
  • The effects of deforestation results on the weather patterns, temperature, ice caps, and climate change which are all so interconnected that almost every point I found related to 2 or more things! 
  • If one country impacts the climate for the worse sometimes other countries suffer the consequences.
  • Forests are protectors from most natural disasters, due to deforestation natural disasters such as bush fires, acid rain, flooding, hurricanes, heavy rains, droughts, etc are occurring much more.
  • There are many businesses (eg-agriculture) that depend on deforestation whereas there are many businesses (such as leaf crockery) that depend on trees.

I used primary resources such as an interview with STAMP, which is an NGO dedicatedto planting trees and connecting man with nature

 I used several secondary sources for my inquiry such as websites, books, videos, newspaper articles, etc.

Nowadays deforestation happens at the rate of 36 football fields worth of forests cut down every minute.

Scientists predict that in 50 years, if we keep our deforestation going, we may lose all the world’s rainforests and it’ll be all our fault!

Here are some of the resources I created to help spread awareness about my inquiry:

Here is the link to my climate action website:  There are links to my Kahoot! quizzes in here.

Here is the link to my google slides that I used to present my learning-

If you would like I am now going to show you images of some of the objects/things in my exhibition.

This is my bar chart for the Paris climate agreement and how much each country pollutes.

This is a research mind map; it displays what deforestation does to: Icecaps, weather patterns, temperatures and climate change.

This is a spin the wheel I’ve made for the young kids who would’ve come to my exhibition.

My personal action will be to:

  • Made a Website to inform people
  •  Drafted a letter to government leader -local and global
  • Have a Tree plantation drive with Nelda
  • Make an app or contact a company to help me make one. This app will remind you to be Eco-friendly
  • Inform the school community through exhibition
  • Engage young children through spin the wheel game with Kahoot! quiz

  Note: some of these are already done.

Throughout history the global temperature has been below what it is now and look at our situation: natural disasters, deaths and many more horrible things so we should take action by:

  • Sending a letter to a world leader requesting Eco-friendly laws
  • Starting a tree plantation drive!
  • Making a charity for trees.
  • (If you think you’re capable) starting a voluntary organization!
  • Informing/inspiring people.
  • Referring to my Carbon offsetting page on my website

In conclusion, this is my exhibition and it’s all about trees since they are so important that we cannot live without them yet we are cutting them down. ‘Here’s to preserving trees!’

Here is the link to the websites that really helped me through the exhibition: