MYP 3 IDU trip to Rajasthan

This year, the MYP3 students went to Rajasthan. Our trip focused on aesthetic movements and music. Our goal was to dive into the heart of Rajasthan’s dances and music and create a creative performance in small groups with the learnings found in Jaipur and Ranthambore.

Our IDU was about creating a dance performance that includes the dances and music that we saw on the trip and our disciplinary learnings. For this, we had reflection periods to practice the performance. Our SOI was “ Rituals can encompass creativity through movement and artistic improvisation.” The topics we had to research on were the roles of
different instruments in Rajasthani music,ways to improvise within a given ritual or structure, and how creativity plays an important role in well-structured rituals?
We learned about Rajastani music in the RRAP Museum. We also watched folk dance and music. A famous song played in the performance was “Pallo Latke”.
The highlight of the trip was when we saw two 15-month-old tiger cubs. Everyone was exhilarated. We enjoyed the Amber fort where we got a taste of the history of Rajasthan.
Overall the trip was exciting because we could all collaborate to stir up the creativity inside us.