MYP 1-3 Disco Party 

The debut of the ‘Middle School Disco Party’ was undoubtedly a success. Students were more than satisfied with the hand-selected music, mixed into high-quality dance tracks by a professional DJ, and a darkened room coupled with a disco ball and colored lights made for a cheerful, upbeat atmosphere. Throughout the night, students of all grades could be seen mingling, dancing in groups, chatting, and enjoying the atmosphere.

Of course, there is a large amount of hard work that went into the first ever ‘Middle School Disco Party’. Specifically, the nominated Party Committee—consisting of student council volunteers from MYP 1 to 3—worked tirelessly towards the success of the event. Its members included Anjali Kumaran, Jona Van Berkel, Sharwari Khare, and Prisha Kapoor from MYP 3, Priya Aswani from MYP 2, and Sanskar Sanghvi from MYP 1.

In addition, the party would have been nearly impossible to execute at this level without the assistance of a number of staff and faculty; Mr. Jayaraman, whose assistance proved to be invaluable while setting up the event, Ms. Daisy, whose approval and guidance was essential to the success of the party, and finally, Ms. Isabel, who supported the committee every step of the way.

Finally, after weeks worth of hard work, the efforts of the committee finally paid off as the ‘Middle School Disco Party’ came to fruition, and it proved to be extremely gratifying to see each attendee dancing, socializing, and creating memories at an event that had taken so much of time and effort.

By: Anjali Kumaran and Jona Van Berkel