MYP 5 Personal Project Exhibition 2023

On Wednesday 18th January, our MYP5 students had their Personal Project Exhibition. The Personal Project is the culmination of the MYP program where students put in practice the ATL skills that they have developed during the five years of the Middle Years Programme. Students are asked to come up with their own learning goals and to create a product that helps them achieve it. The project started in August and over the last few months they have independently created their plans, success criteria and reflected on the most useful skills to use connected to their product.

The Personal Project Exhibition is the summit of this process where they can show their products to a large audience and get meaningful feedback that helps them evaluate and reflect on their product and journey, a necessary step for their Criterion C. This year we had 27 products exhibit with an especially broad range of projects that go from self-improvement projects, websites, workshops, business plans and start-ups, to scientific projects including research papers and projects involving animal training.

After two years of having to hold the Exhibition online due to Covid, we could finally get to enjoy face to face the MYP5 achievement. The community was impressed and involved and students from all grade levels, teachers and other members of staff and parents had the chance to pass by the MPH, look at their projects and listen to their thoughtful explanations.

We are proud of our MYP5 students and looking at their Exhibition make us believe that they are going to have a really successful eAssessment.

Keep flying eagles!