Pop! I am the Winner

Pop! I am the Winner.

Qavalina, Eve, Elsie, and Elea guard their balloons in the far corner of the art room.

Albrect Durër is there to protect them.

The MYP4 Homeroom recently engaged in a fun activity to learn and reinforce the power of group collaboration. Balloons and straight pins were handed out with caution and all were instructed that the winner was someone who already had the balloon intact.

Almost immediately the students began popping each other’s balloons. In the end only three balloons were left intact with air still holding tight. Mrs. Taskeen quickly announced an end to the game and after much blaming and giggling, it became quite clear that all could have been winners if they had respected each other’s position. When they reflected, they learnt that they didn’t have to burst their classmate’s balloon to prove themselves winners. They all could have held onto theirs and emerged as winners. They connected this behavior to different situations in life, where one assumes that one can succeed if another loses. Students immediately applied their thinking skills and associated the balloon with money, health, skills etc… and upon retrospect realized the real world impact this has on life. The MYP4 class often engages in fun and respectful activities and their laughter and conversation is fun to hear.







Nicollo quickly dashes away from Diego as he is determined not to be the only one without a balloon in hand.

By Mrs. Taskeen and Mr. Joseph