News from PE dept

Physical Activity and Pollution

This week the air quality near school has increased again. The PE Dept. and administration are working closely together to monitor the air quality and look into modifying PE classes and other outdoor activities as necessary. The following policy were posted in a recent MBIS newsletter and is what we are following in classes and after school sporting activities:

101 to 150:  when the air quality is in this range we will ensure that a close monitoring of students with respiratory problems is in place , as well as students in general.

 151 to 200: The guidelines do not suggest that activities need to be cancelled – again we would monitor students with respiratory problems and also ensure the playtime does not exceed 25 minutes . There will also be indoor play spaces should a child request this or if we see any issues

PE/Sports ECA not  more than an hour- if a child is showing signs of breathing problems they will be allowed to sit out of lessons.  A teacher may also insists they do not take part

Over 200: we would look to cancel sporting events.  Playtime would be with an indoor option.

PE lessons and Sporting ECA’s would be modified to light to moderate exercise not exceeding one hour.

In the near future you will see posters around school depicting the different levels.

PE classes

It is expected that swimming in many PE classes will start again early February. Primary classes will be notified through homeroom teachers in the near future with start dates.



A student’s perspective:

The following excerpt has been taken from one of our ISACI Champion Boys Basketball captains. As part of student CAS requirements, students need to reflect on their participation during different activities. The following shows why ISACI and competitive programmes are important to the all round development of our students:

“we had won the tournament and created MBIS history by becoming the first boys champion sports team which was an amazing realization. However, I realized after the tournament that although we had earned the gold, it was the process which had truly made the rewards worthwhile. In fact one of the aspects I believe I improved in myself through this event was becoming more sportsmanlike and humble in the face of victory or defeat. Earlier I would easily express my discontent in losing, but throughout the tournament, players from other teams came up to me and congratulated the team and even praised me on my individual game play against them. Reflecting on these encounters, it showed me that winning or losing a single tournament would not matter in the long run but the qualities of modesty and humility would stay with a person for life. This is what I considered truly amazing once I got home and put my medal away, because I realized that the beauty of ISACI and friendly competition over the years had changed my arrogant, competitive nature into one that is now more humble yet still competitive.”

Middle School Sports Festival

Our MYP 1, 2 and 3 students participating in the Middle School Festival are well into their preparations for their tournament in Bangalore in 2 weeks time. Both teams, Boys and Girls must compete in each of Football and Basketball in a round robin tournament for each sport. This tournament is about developing our youth for older, senior teams so modifications are made to enable the players to learn in a positive environment.

We need your help…….

The senior teams are preparing for Boys Cricket and Girls Volleyball. The Cricket team will be heading to Hyderabad in early March, with MBIS playing host to other ISACI schools at the same time for the Girls Volleyball.

One of the participating rules of ISACI is that all schools must compete in each tournament. To fulfil this requirement we need extra boys to help us out and play cricket. If you have a background in cricket or baseball or just want to play, we need you. We need at least 4 more boys, preferably in MYP 3 and above to help fill our team. Please contact me if your son is interested in helping us out.

ISACI Swimming…….

Just before our Cricket and Volleyball seasons finish we will be starting our final ISACI season…. Swimming.

This team is different to other sports with boys and girls teams traveling together and 6 different age group teams taking part:

10-12 year old Boys & Girls

13-14 year old Boys & Girls

15 & Over Boys & Girls.

Each team requires a maximum of 5 swimmers so MBIS is able to send a team of 30 to the tournament in New Delhi. ISACI Swimming is open to PYP 5 – DP 2 students. This is the only event PYP 5 students may participate in and we encourage them to come and try out. This is a competitive team, not Learn to Swim and students must be able to swim at least 2 different strokes.

Tryouts for swimming will start Monday 12th February. The sign up sheet will go up on the PE door the last week of January and students will be informed via the daily bulletin and in PE classes.

The teams will travel to The British School, New Delhi 19-21 April.

Hosting at MBIS…..

MBIS will be hosting the Girls Volleyball tournament 8-10 March. We will requiring 30 beds for visiting students. If your daughter has already participated in ISACI this school year then please be prepared to host visiting students