PYP 3 Organise an Event for PS1

Monday morning witnessed the combined efforts of the PYP 3 students, helping them put up a successful sports day for PS 1 children, a memorable day for all.  Here is a piece of action from their last Unit of Inquiry.

The class was determined to implement the role they had chosen for themselves according to their skills and strengths, and their brainstorming sessions facilitated them to list their responsibilities. The Game Planners, the Design Team, the Food and Refreshment Squad, and the First Aid Team were some of the groups the children had opted to work in.

On entering their classrooms in the morning, the students were at the beck and call of their team members to set up the play area for the students of PS 1 and prepare the refreshments before the event began. It was a delight to see the students excited to welcome the younger children to be a part of the event. The PS 1 children were indeed fascinated by the slogans and posters put up for them, and the enthusiasm on the faces of their hosts made them feel comfortable and move around with ease.

As the games began, the PS 1’s moved around the games set up for them with a hint of curiosity, but the PYP 3 students had complete control over this, cheering and motivating the children to take part in the race. PYP 3 showed great commitment and enthusiasm, as they ensured the children were having fun, were safe from any unexpected obstacles, their reluctance was transformed into enthusiasm, and they got to relish the healthy treats prepared for them.

The children of PS 1 had a great time engaging with the fun activities and obstacle races, tailormade for their ability and age group. PYP 3 showed how their collaboration with various groups had made it possible to organize not just a sports event, but take on the responsibility of being good hosts for an enjoyable experience. To see the content faces of the PS 1 children was rewarding, and the best grade the PYP 3 students could get for their summative task!