P3 Overnight field trip to Khopoli 

This year’s overnight field was the first experience for many of our P3 learners to stay away from their family for two days and one night. They were excited as well as worried about the field trip. We went to the Deep Nature Resort in Khopoli a place two hours away from Pune.  

P3 learners were thrilled about the trip and expressed their feelings using a thinking routine called ‘Compass point’, where they documented what they were excited about, worried about, what do they need to take on the field trip and some suggestions for activities that they might like to do.  

Introduction and briefing 

Team building games 

Certain experiential activities during the trip, such as mapping skills and castle making integrated well with our upcoming unit, “Where we are in place and time,” aiding students in understanding directions and coordinates in math. P3 learners will apply this knowledge in constructing new meaning while learning these concepts in class.  

Creating map and team flag 

Castle making 

Connecting with our previous unit, all the P3 learners displayed characteristics of a Global Citizen by being risk-takers in trying out adventurous activities such as zip-lining, repelling and rock climbing. They were open-minded by sharing rooms with new and old friends. Learners were also caring towards each other and cheering along their peers whilst they tried new and unknown yet safe activities. 

Rappelling and rock-climbing 

Here’s what some of our P3 learners thought about the overall experience: 

When I went on the field trip, I learnt that our school bus has a trunk! I also learned how to wear a harness. I was nervous and excited. I displayed my self-management skills by organizing my space and packing my luggage. – Priyansh 

I went to Deep Nature Resort. I learnt how to stay with my friends and overcome my fear of heights. I enjoyed swimming and the bonfire because everyone was having fun and playing. I also loved the food over there. I was a risk-taker because I overcame my fear of heights and tried rock-climbing and zip-lining.  – Viaan 

On the field trip, I learned that rappelling is a very fun activity, there are many Indian food items that I still haven’t tried. I enjoyed the lunch there; this was the best Indian food I have ever tried. I had a lot of fun and was thrilled while rappelling. I liked the view while we were swimming. I displayed being a risk-taker because I overcame my fear of heights. I was open-minded because I tried new dishes which I have never seen before. I think this field trip is related to the unit Who we are, because we were getting to know each other by spending 2 days together. I also think it is related to Sharing the planet because we were in nature and people in the resort were using sustainable resources. – Eunseol  

Feeding the cows 

I learned that I like heights and I enjoyed rock climbing the most as well as ziplining. I used my communication skills because I shared my reflection with the Adventure Mantra Team. I was a risk-taker because I was scared to do rock climbing, but I still did it and loved it! – Sara H. 

Authored by P3 learning community. 

Photos by the P3 Teaching Team 

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