P3’s Trip to Tribal Cultural Museum

P3 learners are inquiring into “How we express ourselves”. To delve deeper into the unit, we recently visited the Tribal Art Museum in Pune, where they saw diverse cultures, lifestyles, and art forms of heterogenous tribes.

Ms. Sabine, our Art teacher, is integrating with the homeroom for this unit, focusing on concepts related to Folk Art. The students had the opportunity to observe different Warli Art styles and original paintings, this sparked their imagination while creating their own Warli art project in Art lessons. Learners reflected on what they saw, what they thought and what they wanted to know more about, through a visual thinking routine “Think Puzzle Explore”.

The visit to the Tribal Cultural Museum was a great example of experiential learning where learners gained firsthand experience of different cultures, ways of life, and artistic expressions. This experience expanded their knowledge and made them more accepting of different perspectives. It allowed them to appreciate diverse ways people express themselves, encouraged a sense of responsibility towards their learning, and honed their abilities to think critically and work collaboratively – all essential qualities for lifelong learning.

Here are few quotes from our P3 learners on what they thought about the museum:

I think they (Tribal community) used a lot of thinking skills to live and used communication skills to communicate with their family – Amaira

I think the tribal people were skilled craftsmen – Priyansh

All the artforms in the museum are creative because the tribal community used thinking skills – Asiya

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