P5 Exhibition – Part Two

Robotic Presentation Surprises the Crowd!

Written by Adityavardhan Bhegade, Tristan Grapin, Jiwon Hong,and Miraya Valia

Monday, May 16th, 2022 was the day AI robotics presented their exhibition. It was so much pressure, says Tristan. But back to the beginning!

In the beginning of March, we started our exhibition. It was a cumbersome process as it was the most important presentation in PYP. This would decide whether we could transition to MYP or not. It was all we could think about, but we were able to finish it without dying of stress. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition. (Miraya)

Monday the 14 of March was the day when P5’s school life would change.

They have separated into 8 different groups AI robotics, The Avocado Animals, The Cinnamon Rolls, The Deep, The Tidals, Cosmic Space and The War Game. All to work with their group for the most important presentation in PYP… The Exhibition! After 11 weeks filled with a lot of hard work and a lot of stress, the P5 completed their exhibition. We, AI robotics and engineering, made a very techy presentation full of research and of course a lot of facts and made the crowd go up in cheers. They used a lot of skills such as research, social and more. Now in three days, Friday the 20th, here comes a pizza party full of joy for the groups that worked so hard and stressed so much over the course of 11 weeks. The most important of all the weeks of the PYP X was this week, the week we faced our fears in front of the crowd was the greatest class of all… P5. (Tristan)

Robots take over P5!

We began our research by choosing our passion topic. Later the teachers put us in our groups. After some days we had our central idea and our title. Then we made a nice logo that symbolizes us. Before making the central idea and the logo we made some essential agreements. These were some steps we went through during the 10 weeks.

We first collaborated with each other. We also chose our LOI. After that we started our research and we worked alone. Then we worked on our PYP X slides. In it we added our research so we could explain it nicely and in very simple words. We also made some note cards so we could use them in the presentations.

I used risk taking skills because I took a risk and presented my work. I was also an inquirer because I inquired about a new topic. I was also a thinker because I had to think a lot throughout the PYPX. I used the Chromebook a lot during the exhibition because I had to do all the work on it. My action is important because I have a message to the Indian government so they could make robots which helps the public army and doctors. The most memorable part of the PYPX was making the presentation slides. (Adityavardhan)

P5s are ready to yell!

All the P5 groups are done with their exhibition! Finally, we can celebrate with treats and partying. On Friday, the P5 community will be having food such as pizza and juice.

We estimate that the P5 exhibition will begin after snack break till lunch break. The P5 community is very excited.

But let’s talk about it before all this happened.

First, we had to join groups. AI robotics are made up of Tristan, Adi, Me, and Miraya. Then we made our Logo, our group name, our central idea, and finally the lines of inquiry.

While we were working on preparing for the exhibition, we constantly had to fill up our exhibition journal, a place where we tracked our progress and added things we did. We also had a scrapbook to add images or any written work into the book to keep track of what we did. 

Then began the research. The research was hard since we had to look for sources first, use methods such as CRAAP and also make our note-taking techniques. We then edited the Research Paper, a Google Doc where we added our research. After three to four weeks of research, we could finally move on to working on our Google Slides.

It is Week Eight and we are working on our slides. Working on the slides was easier in the beginning since we had already completed our research and we can just copy down what we researched onto the slides.

It is Week 10. We are done with our slides, and we are practising our notecards. Notecards are tools which would help us remember the lines and statements during our presentation.

Finally, the presentation is over!

YAY! (Jiwon)

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Cosmic Journey of PYP

Written by Arav Garg, Eunho Lyu, Sean Karia, and Rhea Sood

We started the exhibition by learning what social skills are and what communicating is. Then we got our groups ready and made rules and our logo. We chose our LOI and made our research questions.

We started researching our research questions and wrote a note about them. We also cited the sources. After we answered all our research questions, we did some more extra research and then moved on to make our slides. We made some slides about TDT, UN SDG, Central ideas and more. After we finished our citations and information, we started making our actions. Miss Nidhi helped me create a title for my action which is “Pollution in Space Is Real.” After we finished our action and wrote our reflections, we made a form for the PYP learners and the experts.

I think I was an Inquirer because I inquired into important pieces of information and found ways to remember my lines for the presentation.

I think my action is important because it clearly shows how dangerous space pollution is. The most memorable part was my action because Miss Nidhi made a FUNNY name. My message for the students who haven’t yet worked on an exhibition is Choose Wisely. (Eunho)

Before we started the exhibition, we made a Padlet that was for us to type up what the exhibition means to us. In the first weeks, we worked on our social skills, communication skills and self-management skills. In the next week, we collaborated a lot because we had a lot of group tasks such as the group logo and research. Next, we worked on our presentation and the process we followed. The ATL I focused on in my exhibition was thinking skills because I needed to think of all the things I needed to put into my work. I was an inquirer as well because I had to look through many sources to find information for my line of inquiry. (Sean)

We started the exhibition by using our social and communication skills by creating small projects. After that, we got introduced to our group members. We made a logo and worked on some essential agreements. We all chose our LOIs and then made some research questions about them. Later we researched for about 3 weeks. We put all the research on our research paper and cited all the sources. Later we created our final slides for the presentation. After that, we asked and surveyed more than 50 PYP learners and teachers. We also asked an expert some questions we had about space. After all of this, we worked on our actions and added final changes to the slides. After that, we presented in front of the camera and then in front of our parents. And then we did all the reflections and ended the PYP Exhibition. (Arav) 

Strengthening the skills, we would need and getting into our groups is how we started working on the exhibition. In our group, we made an essential agreement so that everyone is working together and happily. My group makes sure that everyone is contributing and that we all consider each other’s ideas. We started working on our presentation by organizing it into parts of our work. This way it was easier to get our work done quicker. I used my research, communicating and inquiring skills throughout our working time. For sources, I used a lot of websites, videos, books, and e-books for the information on my slides. Taking action was an extremely hard part for me, I made a poster asking for donations according to my topic. I will always remember working on the presentation and all the rehearsals we did before presenting. It was fun working we my group and I am proud that we did an effective presentation. (Rhea)

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The War Game finishes the presentation: The Final Stage!

Written by Riva Bodke, Zoya Dhorajiwala and Jinyul Kim

The exhibition was a very long and most fun task to me. I think it has a big meaning to me because it is the last big task in P5, 2022. We started the exhibition around 3 months ago instead of UoI. We made a group with people who wanted same topic as an exhibition. My topic was the UN SDG, so we were a group of topic, war. First time, we researched separately but as the end of P5 is coming, we prepared a presentation. We worked very well, and we finished it fast. We practiced hard and hard and the day for the presentation came. We had to share our presentation to parents and we worked very well and we are ready for MYP! (Jinyul)

The Exhibition was a hard and fun journey for us. It is done by P5 learners to transition into the Middle Years Programme. When we started working on the exhibition it was a rough process. It was awkward and new to us. But when we got more comfortable with each other, we shared ideas, and talked about how we were going to achieve our presentation. When we just started the exhibition, we picked our topics and got assigned into groups. We started with our research after finishing group-work. We researched a lot and then finally started with our presentation. It was a bumpy process but it all worked out in the end. We presented very well, even though we made some mistakes. Overall, it was hard work, but at the same time it was enjoyable, it was great working together and having fun. (Zoya)

In MIS the Grade 5 students go through an exhibition and in reality, it is fun. Exhibition was long and we needed to work hard. We needed to research and had to do more research. We had to add a central idea then chose a line of inquiry and research. And not trying to feel nervous. I am trying to tell you how the exhibition went. And you need to take action. Throughout the exhibition we have to get ready for MYP! Thank you! (Riva)

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Cinnamon Rolls Unroll the Exhibition

Written by Gaon Kim, Kwontaek Lim, Aarav Shetty and Sophie Shimada

All of the students before going into MYP go through PYPX. The P5 learners started their inquiry on the exhibition in the beginning of the year, learning about teamwork and communication. In March we started offline school and regularly we had activities in groups. The teachers wanted to give us an idea about our social skills and communication skills. Soon we were asked to write down our topics and then The Cinnamon Rolls formed. We each had our own topic, Healthy Food, Food Packaging, Food Pyramid and Food pyramid and Food Around the World. “It went well but could be better “fellow Cinnamon Roll member stated. (Aarav S)

After we each had a topic, we started to research about that topic by using websites, articles, videos and more. We also used our thinking skills and checked if the resources we found are safe to use or not. After getting a lot of information we started to make slides that we will use to present in front of our parents. In my opinion, making the slides was the most challenging part because it took a long time to make it. But overall, I think we really did a good job in the end, but I do think we could do it even better by speaking louder and looking at the audience more. (Sophie)

Most important thing in the exhibition is teamwork. First, we learn some skills and a learner profile that will help with teamwork. We also called teamwork a social skill. Our group used social skills, communication skills, time management skills, research skills, etc. I used different skills each day and organized them! Also, things that we all use differently are citations. Work cited is also very important. We cite the sources that we used! We also used some methods to test the site rather it helped me or check that it is safe to use. (Gaon)

In the exhibition I found the sites for research and wrote in the slides and presented them to parents and that is how we are going to the MYP now! (Kwontaek)

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