Yearbook 2021-22

A school yearbook tells us the story of that year, what it doesn’t tell you is that the process of making it is in itself a story. Our yearbook is completely student-based and student lead with supervising teachers. We cover all grades and therefore interact with all the grades. It is an opportunity to learn how to find commonalities as well as uniqueness within our school to highlight them. It is also to understand where we best fit in to contribute to the yearbook and understand our weaknesses and strengths. 

My goal in the yearbook was to design it, however, it couldn’t be achieved because after seeing samples, we decided that the yearbook was too long to be designed individually. Once this was dropped, I had to change my goals and focus on my other strength: writing. This change helped me look at the school through a different, more zoomed-out lens. I was looking for aspects that represented the school. I was looking for the details in extracurricular activities and classes that were common to our school and represented our goals. 

When we came together for the first time to start, we didn’t know where to start. We distributed roles and came up with ideas together which were extremely beneficial and made the process so much more efficient. The communication between students from PYPs to MYPs to DPs proved to be fruitful and came together in showing the essence of our school. Halfway through the process, we decided to personalize our yearbook more, because we don’t want to keep calling it just ‘yearbook’. We decided to give it a name. 

In conclusion, I learned that being a part of an activity that involves collaboration between various grade levels almost automatically makes you a leader as you instinctively guide the younger grades. A change in goals doesn’t hinder the activity experience for you, but the challenge makes it all the better if you are committed enough. To be a part of an activity that impacts the entire school, even for a year, is worth it when you see it coming together towards the end.  

Shivali, DP 2