Pi day at MBIS

The number 3.14159365359… is π/Pi, is irrational and goes on infinitely, as most people tend to do. Being the ratio of a circle’s circumference to the diameter, it is a very important mathematical constant.

Pi day is an annual opportunity for math enthusiasts to memorise and recite its never-ending digits, talk to friends about ‘math’ {a phenomenon unheard of}, and well, eat pie. This year through an initiative led by STUCO president MYP 5B, Sneh Deshpande, our very own interpretation of this day was brought to MBIS.

 In our respective houses, we nominated 3-5 students from different age groups to memorise digits of Pi, the winning house receiving three pies to gorge, and the power to choose which house captains got pied in the face! In the end, we were all lucky to gorge on pie {courtesy of the Student Council} to celebrate our team effort and support for the houses. Moreover, Pi Day was made a spirit day, where students could come dressed in groups {number are in groups}, multi-coloured clothes, or in numbered apparel. When Friday dawned, it brought about a range of interesting clothing choices {is plaid considered as numbers?}  and participants having memorised hundreds of digits of the godly number. By the end of the contest, Blue ranked the most points, with Green and Red following close behind in that order. Blue’s exceedingly talented team who ranked more than 230 points won not only with their excellent memorization but also group apparel tactics of being dressed in blue and black, but I digress {I may be a bit biased}.

Having said that, the amount of brainpower it took to learn those digits was unreal, but when the winners got to choose who got pied, all seemed of fruition. There is a certain pleasure to see our house captains get hit in the face with whipped cream, a seemingly innocent revenge for making us play during house matches, or sniping at us ‘unnecessarily’.  The festivity also included a football match between captains and teachers, which the former won by a landslide. Who knew the teachers could dribble and shoot?

All in all, the festivity culminated the end of a engaging and enjoyable Pi day, one that will be remembered for quite a long time more for the pies on faces, rather than the actual number!