Monday  27th March the PYP 4 classes visited an Art Exhibition on “POP ART”  in Kalyani Nagar. The display showcased a glimpse of diverse art work, inspired by world renowned artists such as Andy Warhol, Ray Lichtenstein and Kanchan Chandar.

POP ART is an art movement that emerged in the mid- 1950’s. POP ART presents a challenge to the traditions of fine art by including imagery from popular culture such a,  advertising, comic books and mundane cultural objects. The PYP 4 chose to visit this exhibition as we saw a good connection to our present unit of inquiry where students are modeling their own simple/compound machines and they use this visit to inspire them,  to  give their paintings the status of a work of art!

The students all left feeling inspired and full of ideas that they could apply to their own art work.

Here are a few reflections from some very enthusiastic students:

“I really enjoyed our visit to the gallery because I learnt so many new types of Art. It also gave me lots of ideas I could use to enhance my model I am currently working on”:- Anika

“I loved the visit to the gallery.  ‘Kitsch Art’ has really inspired me and I will be using these ideas to enhance my simple machine”:- Vrinda