Preschool 3 celebrated ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ in class.

Thank you to Mrs. Miraj and Mrs. Rampal (mothers of children from PS3) who presented this celebration through a powerpoint and  performed the ‘Aarti’ and shared  Ganesha’s favorite sweet (modak).

The children were ‘Respectful’ and ‘Risk takers’ as they listened to the presentation and tasted ‘Modak’. Their curiosity was aroused when they viewed the idol of Ganesh and asked questions like ‘how did such a heavy elephant sit on a mouse, and why does Ganesha have four hands?’

This activity linked well with our present unit ‘Who we are’ as well as with the school’s mission statement of ‘Celebrating diversity.’

Celebrating Diversity helps children understand each better while learning about different cultures and celebrations especially those  of the host country.

Ms.Anjali and Ms. Sonia.